African woman finds love at Brussels airport

Posted by James, 28 Apr 15

Mukurima had lived in Califonia for almost a decade and had decided it was time for new beginning. Just after making the decision on when and where, her mother passed on in 2012. So she packed her 8 suitcases and bid the U.S. goodbye to go back to Kenya earlier than scheduled. This is where she was born and raised. Little did she know that on her layover in Brussels - not to mention tired and broken hearted over her mother's death, an amazing new beginning awaited her... Interracial love

"...I came across the sweetest Brussels Airlines ground personnel while looking for somewhere to charge my phone! He offered to charge it for me. He smiled at me, and I smiled back, and mentioned that his name was Philippe. While waiting for my flight, we chatted away for two hours and in our conversation I learned that Philippe had traveled quite a bit but had never to Africa! Of course I insisted that he was missing out on the most beautiful of all continents! He promised to take up the challenge. I thought I was joking; but he was serious!

Six weeks later, Philippe and I were making the drive to the great Maasai Mara! Something was growing and glowing. He invited me to visit Belgium a month later and we shared a lot of trips together in different countries, got engaged and then married a year and a half later. It was another big decision. Leaving America, I thought I was heading home, but life is always full of surprises. I was now going to live a new country!"

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Much as there were lots of differences with their cultures, she realized she had to make lots of adjustments. For instance, she now lives in a country that speaks none of the languages she understood. For instance Philippe is half Walloons (French) and Flemmish (Dutch) and speaks both languages! Mukurima is in the process of learning Dutch. "But I love the challenge of learning and sharing all our differences! Being married to a man of another race requires someone that is willing to put in the work!" she says

But she is really lucky because she married a man who was ready for marriage and puts all he has in it. "His parents are the most open minded and accepting people I have ever known! I was worried that race issues might crop up but that has never been the case! They are happy that their son has a woman that loves him! They prefer to go to Kenya on all our family vacations!"says Mukurima.

Mukurima and Philippe are currently expecting their first child together. She is "Maasai" and "Kikuyu" (communities in Kenya that speak different languages); Philippe is French and Dutch; and she also speaks English and Kiswahili. "...what a task that is going to be! Poor child has to learn more than six languages that we both actively use, and adjust to European and African culture! All in all, we look forward to what the future holds for our growing family!"

Below is a picture of Philippe removing Mukurima's braids... "without judgment!" she says. Don't you love the blending?

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  1.   rajubishnoi says:
    Posted: 29 Sep 15

    Wow wonder ful story i like it

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  2.   Aeon444 says:
    Posted: 19 Aug 15

    This story reinforces the the old adage, "when you least expect it." That is why the prospect of love is so thrilling, it can show up at any time and infuses your life with an abundance of joy and endless potential. Mukurima was in a state of mourning, for her mother no less, when she was blessed with love. Just lovely.

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  3.   murielle10 says:
    Posted: 17 Aug 15

    wow!! this is so lovely!! i like the story!! wish you lots of happiness guys!

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  4.   _diamond81 says:
    Posted: 17 Aug 15

    Wonderful story, wish it could be me1

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  5.   Cre1877 says:
    Posted: 13 Aug 15

    Sweet story ❤️

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