A catchy "who am I" section is as effective as a hot profile picture

Posted by James, 25 Nov

Catchy dating profilesA profile picture says 1000 words! Well, study says, a profile that has great content is just as effective even without a picture.

See, when we go online, most of us upload those hot pictures of ours that highlight our best features. And if say you are a dude with a protruding one-pack of beer belly, thank God for the cropping feature!

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According to this new study, one doesn’t need a rocking hot bodied picture because apparently, a profile with solid content is just as effective in portraying a person’s hotness as the picture. According to a research by Villanova University, women were asked to rate the online dating profiles and pictures of 100 men between the age of 22 and 25. First, they rated how hot, confident and masculine they were based on their profile pictures. Then they were given other profiles that had no pictures and asked to gauge the men’s attractiveness and confidence based on the written content of their profiles.

Believe it or not, the women were able to identify the most physically attractive men just by reading their profiles. The researchers found that the physically attractive men had the most captivating "Who am I" sections. Clearly, the more attractive you are, the more confident you feel; and this confidence is conveyed even in people’s written words.

According to Rebecca Brand, Psychologist and lead researcher of the study, "The overall attractiveness of the photo was positively correlated with the overall attractiveness of the text. In other words, those who are physically attractive also write more appealing profiles... In this sense, online dating does not seem to level the playing field for unattractive individuals."

Disguising those flaws with that photo-shopped picture may not guarantee online success. Women can spot that unattractiveness you are trying to hide based on the content of your self-description section. Guess this is why some people don’t score in the online dating game, no matter how hot their snapshots are.

So no matter how hot you are, make an effort of writing a good description of yourself; one that matches and compliments that hot body you have displayed.

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