6 Signs Your Relationship is for Keeps

Posted by Jade Hong, 21 Jul

How do you know your relationship will last for a long time?

We don’t have psychic powers but with some help from psychologists and researchers, we came up with a short but effective list.

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Here are six signs you are with the man or woman you should marry.

1. Does You and Your Partner Have Your Own Language?

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Are the conversations between you and your partner interpreted as something entirely different from people around you?

If yes, that’s good news! Sharing a private language between you and your partner means greater intimacy.

The private language between you and your partner sounds like an idiom for other people –this special communication only makes sense for the two of you.

This study revealed sharing this language also meant greater you and your partner are sharing feelings, secrets, and personal things.

2. Do You and Your Partner Talk with No Filter When You are Together?

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Filtering your thoughts before they become words is common. When you are with someone whom you connect with, you are more likely to stop your automatic “self–monitor” switch.

Allowing other people to know your inner thoughts is hard at first. However, when you start trusting someone, it is easier to talk openly and naturally.

When you often find yourself sharing how you actually feel when you are alone with your partner, and he does the same, it’s a sign that the two of you are no longer cautious of each other.

3. Do You Resolve Fights in a Calm and Constructive Manner?

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Fights are normal even in the sweetest relationships. It is during fights that couples can truly think if their relationship will work.

One study by the University of Michigan revealed that divorce rates were lowest for couples who both remained calm even during a fight. This constructive approach allows partners to resolve the argument amicably.

If you always find yourself in a situation where you want to discuss the issue calmly and resolve it constructively and your partner always withdraws, it could be a predictor for a failed relationship.

4. A Meaningful Relationship is More Important for You and Your Partner

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Being in a relationship allows you to take a closer look at your partner’s thoughts and sentiments.

If you are with someone who is after a meaningful relationship, and not just a thrilling one, you might have found the one.

Seeking meaning in a relationship is likely to lead to satisfaction.

As explained by University of Haifa’s philosophy professor Aaron Ben-Zeev, seeing your partner as a complex individual will make him or her more appealing as time passes by.

Ben-Zeev argues that the same phenomenon happens with complex songs. You stop liking simple songs quickly but you can’t help but get hooked on complex songs.

5. Does Your Relationship Exists Outside Social Media’s Critical Eye?

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Do you find yourself having more fun with your partner without the whole world knowing through Facebook?

Based on a study, people who feel insecure about their partner are more likely to make their relationship visible in social media. (Note that it does not mean that all couples who posts regularly on Facebook are insecure.)

If you or your partner doesn’t find the need to post selfies or pictures together all the time, it is a positive sign.

6. Do You Consider Your Partner as Your Best Friend?

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One subjective research reached an interesting conclusion which could help you.

From the findings of the National Bureau of Economic Research, couples who share a close friendship between them are more likely to end up tying the knot.

If your partner is your “best friend,” the two of you would make a great married couple. Your relationship is twice as likely to succeed.

Your Love’s Longevity

If you can place a check mark on all six signs, you might be with the person whom you will end up with. Remember relationships will have highs and lows, and you need to work things out if you want to make it last.

If you have not found the one yet, don’t give up. Look up helpful tips, read relationship advice by experts, and broaden your horizons.

Good luck!

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