15 first date tips for women - Girls, you should know these!

Posted by Darci, 30 Nov

When talking about first date tips for women, there is more than just looking sexy. Read on to find out what works countless times…

First date tips that make a terrific impression

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Going on a first date is a big deal for most women. But trust me it’s just like having every other normal conversation. Sometimes a good impression on the first day could lead to more romantic dates in the future. And who knows, this guy might be “the one.”

The dating game is an interesting one, and much importance should be attached to it. To be ahead of the game these first date tips for women are designed to give you an insight on what to do, expect and avoid to make a perfect impression.

Whichever type of woman you are, every woman wishes she makes the perfect impression of class, fun, glamour and feminine charm on her date. So to help you score the right points, I have put up the best fifteen 1st date tips. Let’s quickly have a rundown at these tips for the first date.

1. Plan and ahead and put up the most relaxed and confident glow you got.

It's no doubt that women often get anxious and feel awkward when asked to date the first time. The best thing to do is to find a way to make yourself feel relaxed and confident before the D-day. Try looking up on his favorite sport or topics of discussion on social media. Anything you find about your date beforehand can put you in a comfortable place and make you more prepared for the discussion.

Regarding building your confidence, you have to believe in yourself and your abilities to make good and quality conversations with someone. For younger ladies, try not to act all naïve and lost. Work your charm stylishly throughout the date.

For more mature women who aren’t new to the game, it doesn’t matter how many bad dates you have had in the past. Play through your past dates in order to try and figure out what makes it go wrong. If the fault is on you, find ways to fix it. Plus remember, all dates are different.

2. Wear comfortable and appropriate attire

dressing for first dateRemember the popular saying, “Dress how you wish to be addressed”? Never make the mistake of dressing inappropriately. First impression matters. If you don’t come up with something befitting, hmmm then there is a problem already.

Here are the dressing tips for first date - Wear something nice but not overly nice. You don’t want to go to the club wearing a turtleneck and kimono, or maybe show up for a coffee date dressed like you are about to hit the club.

When thinking first date tips, not only should your dress be appropriate but it should be comfortable as well. An uncomfortable dress will cause enough distractions during the conversation. Much as they may sound simple, these first date tips for women will assist you to make the right decisions.

3. Tell someone about your date plans.

Please make sure you either text, call or talk to a friend or family member about your date. This is one of the most crucial 1st date tips that most women neglect. Give someone details like name, phone number of the date, the venue for the date and time. That way, if you fail to return as planned, someone will know where to begin looking for you. They will also have enough info if they need to contact the authorities. Always stay safe!

4. When on the date try to avoid controversial conversation topics.

frist date questionsIt is sometimes difficult to place hands on what to talk about on a first date. Conversation topics such as exes, politics, and religion should be brought up sparingly or be avoided altogether. A nice date might go sour when such conversations are bullheadedly tackled. Arguments might ensue. The first date should be a time for getting to know each other positively.

There are a lot of interesting First date questions you could ask each other in order to keep the date lively and fun. However, do not be too quick to divulge a lot about yourself.

5. Don’t just close the brackets. Have an open mind.

It's good to not go on a first date with a mental checklist of what to expect because you might fall for someone who isn’t even your type. For instance, if you are a cat lover, don’t conclude the date is already bad because your date is allergic to cats. I bet there are a million thing you might still have in common. Plus people always find a way around such differences. It's called 'compromise'.

6. Always have an exit strategy

This is one of the excellent first date tips for women. How the first date ends determines if there’s going to be subsequent ones. When you are too eager to leave, it leaves your date thinking you don’t want another date. It might also be interpreted that you don't want them to ever call you again.

If that’s what you want then, by all means, make an excuse and go away from there as soon as you can. However, if you wish to see this guy again, then look for a perfect moment and set up another date. A smart tip for first date involves chipping in conversations that will make him know you really enjoyed the evening. Words like, "I really had a great time this evening," "I would like us to do this again. This was really fun," "Are you free this weekend?" will make him know you want a chance to explore whatever it is further. Don't leave the poor guy wondering what you feel about him and the date.

7. It’s okay to take a rain-check

Just because you were asked on a date doesn’t mean you have to go even when you unavoidably have to cancel. You don’t need to feel bad because you had to cancel. If you feel you need to make it up to your date, then I suggest you reschedule. This gives you ample time to plan for what to do on a second date. However, make sure you show up on the rescheduled date. It would be a shame if you have to cancel the second time. Your date will definitely think you just don’t want to have a date with him. Good luck talking yourself out of that one.

8. You must not party hard on your first date.

first date tipsA lot of girls and women think that drinking too much, or parting too hard makes them look cool on the first date. Well, honey, it doesn’t. If your date isn’t drinking or partying as hard as you are then please, don't be the one taking things to the extreme.

Most times, women tend to overdo things. I once had a friend who went on a date with this rock band guy. Just the mere words of 'rock band' made her assume the dude was into this hard parting, drinking, and smoking. And she had never had cigarettes all her life.

Fast forward to mid-date, she was partying harder than most rock stars in the club and even attempted to smoke. Don't get me started with how much she choked. She ended up embarrassing herself only for the dude to confess that he doesn’t even smoke. This date would have gone well if only she was true to herself and didn't try to be who she wasn’t.

9. Make him feel like a man

Ladies believe men love women who give them a chance to take charge of situations. If you want to impress your date, make him feel like a man and allow him to pamper you. Don’t go showing off the whole “independent lady” stuff on the first date. You can prove that point later. Give him the chance to talk and express himself. Don’t be a "know-it-all" kind of girl.

10. It's OK to split the check, as long as you’re comfortable doing so

When you ask friends for 1st date tips, they might forget to mention this one. When on a date, its OK if you make a move to pay for the meals. But let it not be a bluff. He might take you up on it. Most times, women feel it’s the responsibility of a man to pay for the meals during a date. However, this is not true. Taking up the check doesn’t have to be anyone’s responsibility. If you can pay for it, then do it. There have been occasions where picking up the check increased the guy's interest in the lady. Most times it shows the guy you are not just interested in his money.

11. It mustn’t be a love a love at first sight or Cinderella story.

Trust me, it’s not always that way. Most women confuse the first date infatuations to love at first sight. This might lead to regrettable actions such as sex on the first date, and you wake the next morning only to find out you didn’t really like the guy in the first place. This advice goes, especially to the younger ladies and teens. Take it easy with your feelings on the first date. A lot might change afterward you know. Just feel comfortable and have a good time. Don’t go making promises of love and lifetime together on the first date.

12. Go somewhere you can actually talk and get to know each other.

The first date like I said is a time to get to know each other. So it doesn’t make sense to go to a place where you don’t even get to talk. Venues such as the cinema, games, noisy bars and clubs are not the ideal venues for a first date.

13. Be honest

honesty on datesSuch first date tips have saved a lot of women from having an ugly date. Being honest about yourself, the date and how you feel about him can go a long way to save you both the stress of having the wrong impression about each other. If you are having a bad time, kindly excuse yourself politely and go home. Don’t force yourself to stay through a horrible date by pretending to have a good time.

  1. The goodbye kiss

Let’s be honest. Most first dates don’t end with the generic goodbye kiss. The goodbye kiss misconception has often led to an awkward moment at the end of a perfect date.

Secondly, try to know his reaction towards the date. Much as you might have enjoyed his company, the reverse may be the case for him. If he does not close in for a kiss on the first date, don't automatically assume that he is not interested. Most guys don’t feel comfortable making quick moves on the first date.

  1. The after date expectation

If you caught some feelings during the date, don’t go obsessing about him all day, or waiting endlessly by the phone for him to call. Love is beautiful, love is all colors. So you need to give him time to get to the same place as you are.

To sum it up, a first date should be spent understanding and getting to know each other. It doesn’t have to be rocket science. So feel free and enjoy every bit of it.

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