Interracial Marriage

Centrine & Andrew -
Kisumu, Nyanza, Kenya

Married July 2020

Interracial Marriage - Chocolates and a Three-Carat Ring | InterracialDatingCentral - Centrine & Andrew Interracial Marriage - Chocolates and a Three-Carat Ring | InterracialDatingCentral - Centrine & Andrew Interracial Marriage - Chocolates and a Three-Carat Ring | InterracialDatingCentral - Centrine & Andrew

Chocolates and a Three-Carat Ring

We asked Centrine what prompted her to take a stab at online dating. “I thought, ‘this has all the potential of meeting my perfect match,’” she answers, adding that she was “very confident” in the power of internet personals to bring people together. Andrew agreed. “It’s easier to meet new people [online],” he says.

Despite the fact that he was “super confident” when he posted his first profile, it did take Andrew four long years of trying before he met Centrine. Andrew says that “her profile and description” sparked his interest. She was very much like the model partner he had in his head. So he decided to risk rejection and make a move… “I did reach out first to her,” Andrew reveals.

After receiving Andrew’s message, Centrine took a peek at his profile and liked what she found there. She informs us that it was “his outstanding description of himself” that motivated her to reply. This despite the distance separating them – “we live in different states,” Andrew admits.

In fact, Centrine says that it was “when we talked on phone for the first time” that she first contemplated the possibility that this pairing might be something special. Andrew was “very similar” to what she estimated her “type” to be. Before long, both singles were ready to take the plunge and meet on the other side of their screens. “It was a mutual agreement,” Centrine tells us. “We saw it right to do it after talking on the phone for a while,” recalls Andrew. “We were together for the first time in Knoxville.”

Very early into this initial date, Centrine remembers thinking “that he was my perfect match. We connected!” Andrew agrees wholeheartedly. He says he thought, “She matches what I was looking for! We were very compatible.”

Based on this pleasant experience, the duo was poised to reconvene, and soon. “The chemistry was irresistible,” reports Centrine. Andrew says that even then “the connection was strong.”

Now that they know each other better, both parties involved are impressed at how the real person differs from their profiles. “He is very kind and understanding,” says Centrine, asked what Andrew’s profile didn’t capture about his personality. And Andrew is “over and above” her expectation, Centrine says. Andrew notes that in person Centrine is “beautiful, sophisticated and a queen!”

Centrine and Andrew were eventually ready to take a BIG step. He proposed! Centrine relays that her beau popped the question “on the 15th of February this year, with chocolates and a nice three-carat diamond ring, on his knees, with a smile!”

Centrine has no doubts about what they’re doing. “The love is stronger by the day,” she marvels. Andrew nods vigorously. “We are even more attracted to each other [today],” he laughs.

Here’s what Centrine advises all the singles in our audience. “Take your time and you will eventually meet your Prince Charming,” she says of the online dating process.

“Keep an open mind and never give up,” adds the gentleman. And we’re certainly glad Andrew stuck it out for four years, searching for Ms. Right, until he found her on our site!

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