You OUGHT TO photoshop your online dating pictures?

Posted by James, 04 Jun


I am sure that piece of advice comes up in almost all online dating advice articles. And why this particular advice: If you put up a photoshopped picture that misleads your prospective other, then your relationship is doomed the day you decide to meet offline. That’s what they all say. But not this Chicago-based clinical psychologist, Dr. Steven Nakisher.

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Nakisher believes you should TOTALLY up your game and Photoshop your pictures all you want to help you look hotter in your profile. He told the The New York Daily News that one should "select at least one flattering full-body shot and one good close-up from the bunch and get a professional to clean up those images". You gotta have a personal brand that sells right?

Seems a little crazy?

Well, probably yes considering he owns a photo editing company where he is the CEO, so it could be he is just selling his business. But then again, a picture is worth more than a thousand words... People are so visual when it comes to online dating. We always judge a book by the cover and this is the reason why most people who don’t have a “face” to their profiles, get less (if not zero) hits on their profiles. Its like no matter how charming your “about me” section sounds, someone will always look for that picture to put a face to all that charm.

So is it crazy to want a face and body that matches all that charm, or a face that makes people blind to the "about me" section?

Well, Nakisher says not to overdo it. "You really want it to look realistic. You don’t want that smooth magazine face." (Look at some of the 'before and after' pictures on The New York Daily News)

So is his advice only for the people who just want to maintain a ‘behind the computer screen’ kind of relationship? Coz I am thinking, if you were to meet offline, somebody tell me how you can get that perfectly curved out bikini body in a jiffy... or how to get rid of acne overnight.

Do you agree with his advice? To photoshop or not? Let's hear it from you.

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  1. Posted: 14 Jun 14

    I absolutely agree with MochaFrenzy! Besides, I'd be far more comfortable knowing that my potential somebody will be met with no surprises when we finally do meet.

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  2.   jaggers1 says:
    Posted: 10 Jun 14

    I agree completely with MochaFrenzy

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  3.   MochaFrenzy says:
    Posted: 09 Jun 14

    No, in both cases to the Photoshop idea. Just be who you are because there is someone that will like you just for you. No lies, no deceit.

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