Will people ever tire of taunting black-white interracial couples?

Posted by James, 22 Jan

It’s the 21st century. We have sunk really low if we still have to force someone to defend their interracial love because we think it’s politically incorrect. Calling Tamera Mowry, who is black (in fact mixed race) a “sellout” and a “white man’s whore” just because she fell in love with and married a white man means some of us are regressing to the stone age era.

Much as these things don’t come as a shock to me anymore, they are horrific as most international news outlets called the internet labels Tamera had to endure. And her only mistake is being a woman of color who loves and married the “wrong guy”. But she is not alone. Too bad she is in the public eye which makes her such an easy target of the intolerant, misogynist haters.

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Tamera is not the only black person in the public eye to almost be chewed alive for being in an interracial relationship or interracial families. Mitt Romney has constantly been mocked for being part of an interracial family. (There is even a video clip of MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry and her guests laughing hard at a photo of him holding his adopted black grandson.) So Melissa apologized to the Romney family for her racist comments, voice chocking up, eyes moist and all. Sadly, no tangible tears were shed. Does that change the fact that they thought interracial families are something to laugh about? I mean why mock someone then do some PR apology?

Remember how black liberals attacked the Court Justice Clarence Thomas for being married to Virginia, who happens to be white. And the saddest bit was that the people excoriating him weren’t just anonymous guys on the internet; these were people working for major media outlets and institutions of higher learning. Here is what USA Today columnist Barbara Reynolds said about Virginia:

“It may sound bigoted; well, this is a bigoted world and why can’t black people be allowed a little Archie Bunker mentality? … Here’s a man who’s going to decide crucial issues for the country and he has already said no to blacks; he has already said if he can’t paint himself white he’ll think white and marry a white woman.”

Then there was the Harvard University’s Afro-American Studies Chair Russell Adams accusing Clarence of being racist against blacks just because he fell in love with a non-black woman saying: “His marrying a white woman is a sign of his rejection of the black community. Great justices have had community roots that served as a basis for understanding the Constitution. Clarence’s lack of a sense of community makes his nomination troubling,” he told the Washington post.

What I find hard to understand is why people who are learned, people we look up to and who seem "styled up" (clearly not) would directly participate in layering on such hate. Talk about backwardness and gown ups playing bullies! Such an old tired game picking on others just because you can’t bear to see two people swimming in blissful love! I got two words for those internet bullies and the rest of the haters… GROW UP!!

To all interracial couples and families who have to endure such dehumanization: The best revenge is to have the right attitude. Dont let them drag you down as Tamera put it. As a quote from Buddah goes: "Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned." Interracial families keep thriving... Haters, keep burning.

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  1.   MrRight4u2 says:
    Posted: 30 May 14

    as long as there are different races it will exist. keep in mind 90% of any race dates their own

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  2.   roostergod says:
    Posted: 23 May 14

    It will never end. Its been around since the dawn of man n will be around till the end of the human race. Lots of ppl dont have open minds and could never be wit any other race, And when they see a mixed race couple they have to be the first to talk down to them n make fun of them, I had this happen before. Ppl I didnt even know would come up to me and ask why and how was I with a black woman. And that I should be wit a white woman, Of course they didnt know I was puerto rican so they went off by how i look. I have even met puerto rican ppl that would say a puerto rican should NEVER be wit a black girl and to only date puerto ricans, Most are shocked to find out my lil brother is black n they get that look on there face like oh man i should not of said all that stuff before bout races. Needless to say stuff like that will never go away. The only way that would ever stop is if EVERYONE in the WHOLE world were all ONE color. But u know they prolly would find something else to complain about. No matter wat they say dont lower urself to there leave. Be proud wit who ur wit n dont listen to anyone who cant accept that. love is in our hearts NOT on our skin

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  3.   Geetih says:
    Posted: 06 Apr 14

    NO.i like white men and many people have judged me until it reached a point i became immune.NO ONE CAN FIND HAPPINESS BY SEEKING APPROVAL FROM PEOPLE.

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  4.   Robby2u says:
    Posted: 24 Mar 14

    The most powerful poisonous toxins that was ever unleashed in this world was hatred and racism.

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  5.   steadyeddie says:
    Posted: 09 Feb 14

    No they won't it's too easy to find fault in others then the one's in them self.True love is color blind when u look at the person heart.

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  6.   Akreazz says:
    Posted: 06 Feb 14

    I don't think so, because some people are just intolerant and jealous. They are jealous because, they do not have the backbone to be different, and step outside the box. I personally, am very happy to see more interracial couples and their children.

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  7.   nounoune says:
    Posted: 02 Feb 14

    people have the right ti fall inlove with whoever your heart is desired ... why other people care about others people choices. I adore a well-endowed good looking white blue eyes man . My taste of man WHITE.

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