Why some white men still miss out on black women white men dating?

Posted by James, 17 Apr

Why are some White men into black women white men dating? I have heard like a tonne of reasons – they are confident, they are like diamonds in the rough (strong even when faced with adversity), their lips, skin color, curves. I am sure you have heard it all too. And if you ask any white man why he has chosen to be with a black woman, trust me, each one has their own reasons. But one thing for sure that brings about black women white men relationships is chemistry, attraction, passion!

So why is it that in comparison to black men white women relationships, there are considerably fewer white men dating black women?

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Some of the reasons that some white men miss out on black women white men relationships are purely racist and stereotypical. Just as some black women shy away from dating white men because of the slavery mentality, there are those white men who still see black women and the black race in general as inferior to the white race/white women. In some white neighborhoods, it’s still forbidden for a white man to get involved with a black woman. There are those who want to be in black women white men relationships because they are honestly attracted to black women but cannot dare declare this publicly for fear of being an outcast in the society.

Then besides the fear of being ‘banished’, there is the fear of rejection. It is public knowledge the way most black women are against black women white men dating. So sometimes you may find a white man who is attracted to a black woman but is scared to approach her because – well – black women are against interracial dating. Then there are those who haven’t been able to find available black women and those who are simply attracted to women of other races.

I am sure there are so many other reasons why black women white men dating isn’t appealing to some white men or why some are not in such interracial relationships. And while some reasons are genuine and some just merely preference there are those that are purely prejudicial and racist like those of former Justice of Peace Keith Bradwell who refused to issue a marriage certificate to an interracial couple because he was just opposed to black white unions.

Whatever the reasons, I guess everyone is entitled to their own choices in life. And it doesn’t matter why people make the dating choices they do. What matters is that they do. And for those missing out on a chance of true love based on ignorance, insecurities and prejudice, that’s their loss!

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