Why is a couple kissing in public making us uncomfortable?

Posted by Ando, 11 Jul

Are you the kind of person that is not comfortable with seeing a couple kissing in public? Do you cringe when you see this happening? Does “get a room” the phrase that comes to mind? These are some of the things we cannot avoid because there are some couples who can really dive right in very passionately in front of even a crowd. Now, if you are part of a crowd and this happens it might not be as uncomfortable as when it happens if it’s just you and the couple going at it in the room.

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Why a kissing couple makes some people cringe!

There is nothing wrong with a little PDA. So what does PDA mean anyway? It’s an acronym that means Public Display of Affection. This goes from things as simple as a couple holding hands, to kissing. Some people even take it to the groping level. Much as PDA might be healthy for some relationships, some people might find it uncomfortable to watch. Here is why…

It’s probably a cultural thing

The way we feel and react to situations can have a lot to do with how we were raised and the environment we grew up in. Our parents usually influence how we perceive things people do around us. And how we judge public affection like a kissing couple is no exception.

Now there are some families and communities that might see it as normal. However, for others, this is something that can be seen as disrespectful and awkward. And it really makes sense. Can you imagine being raised by a single mom and were never exposed to PDA? Definitely, PDA will be uncomfortable.

So if for instance, you are marrying interracially, especially into an Asian family, then you need to keep your hands and mouth to yourself when you first meet the parents.


Now if you are the kind of person that doesn’t enjoy the thrill of making out in public, chances are, you won’t feel that thrill when other people do in front of you. It can be psychological torture just watching a woman who doesn't know how to kiss a man appropriately in public. We need to take into account the public display of affection psychology in order to restrict ourselves in public.

Some PDA is just vulgar!

What does PDA mean that's appropriate? Now, I never have an issue with a little PDA like holding hands, a peck on the mouth and all. But please don’t confuse the affectionate meaning for groping each other’s privates in front of people or having sex in public. You can always wait. Or get a room lol.

Groping is just unacceptable. I shouldn’t even be going into details trying to explain why you sticking your tongue down your partner’s throat in public can make people uncomfortable. Heavy make-out session in a crowded place is plain ol’ disrespectful. You don't want the kind of affection that exhibit R-rated behavior in front of people.

Social aspect

When some people see a kissing couple, they usually find it a bit degrading especially for the woman. This is because they believe that some things need to be done privately and not in social settings. They might see this as the man making the woman feel like she is an object that needs to be claimed and owned in public. This “macho” kind of display can make some people feel uncomfortable.

When the couple is going at it in front of your kids

Most parents usually feel they have been put in an uncomfortable position when they see a couple kissing in public when they are with their kids. Some people need to learn how to kiss well in public instead of going about sucking each other’s faces off even at malls where lots of kids and teenagers are. Now you know how younger kids can get… all giggly and all, especially if they are not used to seeing their parents kissing in front of them. I would understand why one can feel uncomfortable. Now much as you are in a PDA relationship, some people confuse the affectionate meaning. Some lines just shouldn’t be crossed in public.

How to deal with a couple in a PDA relationship

  • Walk away from the PDA environment
  • In case you are in a situation where leaving is not an option, ask the couple politely to wait and do it later when you are not there. Let them know it's making you a little uneasy.
  • If they are too inappropriate, come right out and tell them off. Let them know that some types of public display of affection are unacceptable in public, especially if you are with your kids.

Much as a couple kissing might make some people uncomfortable, I think it’s cute if it’s respectful. And the way to determine whether the PDA is appropriate is to ask yourself: “Will my grandma be comfortable sitting through it?” Also, public display affection at work won’t be taken well by most employers.

So how do you really feel about a couple’s public display of affection? Read more articles on Temptasian.

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