Which fetishes are the world's most popular

Posted by Wesley, 24 Sep

What are the most popular fetishes that people have? One thing that comes to mind when people talk about fetishes is some complicated sexual stuff.  But you know what, it doesn't necessarily have to be some complicated sexual contraptions. Something as simple as liking to be spanked or tied up when having sex qualifies as a fetish.

Today Love is All Colors, takes a look at what fetishes are as well as have a look at popular sexual fetishes. Scroll on as we talk more about these...

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How common are fetishes

Before we start discussing  the most popular fetishes, first need to discuss what a fetish is.  To make it simple, a fetish isn't an activity or object that one desires too much. What makes a fetish a fetish is a role that activity or object plays in that person's life. Basically, it is a behavior or something that needs to be present for someone to get aroused. Without it, they might not be sexually aroused at all. It is sexual arousal that is dependent on a normally non-sexual object.

The words fetish and kink are usually used interchangeably. Kink is usually a behavior or act that is outside the norm of traditional sexual acts. For instance, bondage where a person gets super aroused when tied up. Bondage can also be a fetish where their whole sexuality revolves around being restrained. Then of course there is the normal turn on where someone simply gets aroused by something.

So how common are fetishes?

While, having fetishes comes with lots of  social stigmas, as days go by, they are increasingly considered as mainstream. In fact, lots of people are making a living out of being kinky and out of other people's fetishes.

Now, when talking about fetishes, most of the people think of BDSM (Bondage/Domination/SadoMasochism). This usually involves lots of power play and exchanges by exploring new sensations of pleasure mixed with pain, and experiencing the mental satisfaction of control and surrender...dominance and submission. Much as BDMS might involve some fetishes, not all fetishes fall under BDSM. However the two sometimes do overlap.

Well, now that you are a bit schooled, let us talk about some of the most popular fetishes and what they involve and are all about. According to studies, about half of us are involved or have the desire to engage in 'out of the norm' sexual activities. So if some of the popular fetishes we discuss here interest you, trust me, you are not alone. Having these fetishes doesn't make you weird. Remember those that involve BDSM can be intense and even dangerous. Make sure that all people involved consent and also practice safe sex.

Let's dive in...


We all have great imaginations and wild fantasies. One thing we need to realize is that make believe is not only meant for kids. Even adults do it. And for adults its a lot of fun because our games involve acting out our sexual fantasies. Plus when most couples find themselves in a sex rut, role play is usually the easiest way to get out of it. That is what makes role playing one of the most popular sexual fetishes that exist. It is the easiest and healthiest way for people to make their sexual fantasies come to life.

Now if nurses arouse you, you don't actually need to have a doctor to have sex with you. However, your partner can dress up as a nurse and you can play nurse-patient, and make it as kinky and as erotic as you want. The thing with role playing is that you get to have consensual sex with your 'nurse'. Plus, your nurse can become the patient anytime you both wish... she can be promoted to doctor and demoted back to nurse whenever you please.

Role play ideas range from the classic schoolgirl-professor one to some that carry lots of stigma like the daddy dom and little girl/brat one. So long is there is consent, any play is possible.

Anal play

This is one of the common women fetishes. Plus, its not just for women only. Men are also fascinated by anal play. Plus it as common amongst heterosexual sexual partners as it is with the gay ones. You will be surprised at the number of people who get off on butt stuff. This ranges from one being fingered in the a** while having vaginal sex, to actual penetration of the butt hole with a penis or dildo. The prostate - the male g-spot - is what makes men particularly enjoy anal play.

These days anal play has become more socially acceptable, especially with college students exploring their kink whenever they can. And then of course there is the porn industry. There is no lubrication and also the butt hole harbors bacteria which can easily be transferred to the vagina. So if you plan to engage in anal play, cleanliness is key. Use a condom. And the other rule, lube, lube and some more lube...

Impact play

This is another one of the most common fetishes. It simple means spanking, flogging, paddling... pretty much any form of consensual striking during sex. Spanking is usually the most common type of impact play and safest way to begin navigating the world of BDSM. This can range from slight slap on the butt, to some light whacking with a paddle, to using a whip to strike someone during sex.

Safety and comfort are important with such popular fetishes. Boundaries on how hard the impact should be need to be established. Let your partner know the level of intensity that turns you on and choose a safe word if things get out of hand. Do your homework because some parts of the body aren't safe to impact. The rule of thumb is to only strike the meaty part like the thighs and butt. Avoid areas where there are organs underneath.


Bondage is when you and your partner decide to introduce some restraint or BDSM tie into your sex lives. It might sound scary. But if your partner has confessed to this one of the common women fetishes, then this is an exhilarating world to explore in the bedroom. Believe me, the mixture of both pain and pleasure on a human body at once is amazing as a couple gets into a realm of both mental and sexual satisfaction of both control and surrender.

The easiest way to go about it is to bind your partner using objects that you already have in plain sight such as  scarf or belt. You could also get some kinky handcuffs. Since the dominance and submission dynamics come into play with this fetish safety and boundaries are key. There must be consent. Plus like all other most common sexual fetishes that involve some form of dominance and submission, always have a safe word. Communicate about all aspects of bondage and take it slow lest you end up cutting off your partner's blood circulation

Threesomes and orgies

This is all about getting it on with more than one person. If you have been on hookup online dating sites, you will back me when I say that this is another one of the most popular sexual fetishes among couples. They are always online looking for a third party. Then there are orgies where a group of people of all genders have sex. The other one is gangbang - one person being banged by more than two members. The most common fetishes of this kind is a woman being penetrated by multiple penises. One piece of advice: always use a condom!

Lingerie/ Costumes

One of the most popular fetishes revolves around something that could be sitting in your closet... lingerie. This is even shows up with people who would never in a million years consider themselves kinky or with fetishes. Now, while lots of people get aroused when they see their partners in lingerie or underwear, it becomes a fetish when lingerie MUST in any sexual scenario for one to get aroused... or maintain the arousal in order to get off. There are  also those fetishes that involve one wanting their partner to wear a particular costume...

Voyeurism and exhibitionism

This means that one reaches sexual satisfaction  from watching others who are naked or having sex. As per studies, this also happens to be most common sexual fetishes. This can be varied... from watching porn with your partner while having sex, to sex parties where you get permission to watch others having sex or masturbate.

Exhibitionism on the other hand means that a person gets off by allowing others to watch them. Remember, watching someone without their consent makes this stop being a fetish - it becomes perversion! Whatever the fetish consent is a must. Fetishes can lead to lots of misunderstandings. There is a fine line between having a fetish and being a pervert. And that line is crossed of consent is not obtained.

I hope the above answers your what are the most popular fetishes question and how you can engage in some of the ones you desire to engage in.

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