When She's Bringing Home the Big Bucks...

Posted by Admin, 31 Oct

Finances can be quite a tricky subject in marriage. Normally, the advice is that a couple discusses openly about their financial situations before shacking up or getting married.

Ancient as it may sound, the man is expected to be the main bread earner. But with changing times, women are now financially empowered so its not surprising to find women bringing in more dough than men in a home. But when a couple discusses this beforehand, they manage to make things work smoothly.

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So what happens when there is a shake up after a couple starts living together? What happens when a man loses his job or business isn't doing well? How does a wife deal with a spouse who isn't able to provide?

It's not an easy thing because what normally happens is: The burden becomes bigger. But that isn't really the main issue. The bigger issue is the changing of roles. Since the woman is the one bringing the cheddar and all, is she supposed to be the one collapsed in front of the TV watching 'Real Housewives of Atlanta' while the man slaves with house chores and cooking?

The thing is, such financial shake-ups can really put a strain in the relationship. A couple that never used to fight begin fighting. Women in such situations tend to lose respect for their husbands. I know of women who have kicked their husbands out of their matrimonial homes. One is left to wonder: Where is the love?

So how does a couple deal?

Te best way to handle this is through patience and encouragement on the woman's part. Most of the time, such situations don't last a lifetime. The best way to remedy the situation is for a couple to work as a team. They should discuss and come up with a game plan - set goals with a defined time frame.

They can open up a business where the husband manages, or wife pumps in cash to remedy an ailing business. If its job search, both should be on the look out so that no opportunity passes them.

In the end, that's what 'for better or for worse' means. Nothing lasts forever. And same applies to this situation. However, marriage should. But if he is a lazy a** dude, by all means, kick him out.

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