What is he covertly thinking the morning after?

Posted by James, 18 Mar

morning after sexThe morning after the first sexual encounter can be a little weird for everyone because of the different expectations that people have. And when it finally arrives, people react differently to it. But do women have any idea what secretly goes through the minds of men?

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One thing that usually makes me want to scream, is when a woman wakes up and decides to feel so much at home... especially when she decides to clean or arrange the place. Casual or not, I like it when a woman wakes up composed... not feeling like she owes me "cleaning services" for the great night (or probably not) we had. And if she acts cool she definitely earns breakfast... you know, treat her like a lady.

On the other hand, a friend of mine likes to pull a Charlie Harper (of Two and a Half Men TV show) on them. The only thing that goes through his mind is "How the f*** do I sneak outta hear". Some men cant help thinking about getting into the shower with the lady and doin' it again! ;-) Some wonder if they men the woman's expectations. "Was she faking it"? Its different for every man.

So what goes through your mind when you wake up. Maybe its high time we told our ladies up in hear the thoughts that crisscross our wicked minds...

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  1.   Sugahrush says:
    Posted: 05 Jul 11

    It's either Fairy Tales, Fantasies or Foolishness which will cause a woman to get caught up in the worry & wonder of what a man's thinking THE MORNING AFTER? That's a little late, dontcha think? The "what are you thinking" should have been discussed LOOOOOOOONNNGGG before you two "dropped draw's". It's pathetic that it's so easy to talk about the "gonna do and wanna do" , but RARELY talk about the deeper expectation of what the encounter means and will mean. How sad to be explored in his/her bed without having THOROUGHLY explored his/her HEAD!!!! Get an understanding of exactly what your position and potential position is with this person. The night before the morning after is a huge test. If you've done your homework--ALL OF YOUR HOMEWORK--you'll fair quite well, because you've shown your committment to an excellent grade. You'll have earned the expected "A". If you've slacked on your homework, not maintained focus and half-assed around on "the easy part", you will not only worry about your final grade but you'll worry about what everyone else is "thinking'. Frankly, what he's thinking shouldn't be NEAR as important as WHAT HE DOES WITH HIS THOUGHTS. Does he share them with you or someone else? Does he shut down or does he welcome you into his circle and share his thoughts? Does he become awkward and tense or is he relaxed? Does he bolt for the shower or door or does he either linger or make plans--WHICH INCLUDE YOU? Don't worry about what he's thinking--THINK FOR YOURSELF--BEFORE the morning after then you'll have little about which to wonder or worrry DURING AND AFTER the morning after.

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  2.   justsaying says:
    Posted: 02 Apr 11

    I guess no guys wanted to answer.

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