What first impression does your vehicle leave on your date?

Posted by James, 11 Jun

Nervous your ride will blow your chances at a second date? You're not alone.

In fact, a study conducted by Harris Poll on behalf of Anastasia Date reveals that 25 percent of men experience quite a bit of nervousness with regards to how the ladies perceive them based on their car. What's even more interesting is that 30 percent of those surveyed indicated they thought their vehicle held more weight than their career in the mind of women.

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Fortunately, there's much more to the equation, which is good news for you.

How Do You Drive?

According to AskMen, women want to know more about how you drive than what kind of car you drive. Jordana Brewster from "The Fast and the Furious" movies recommends impressing your date by going with the flow of traffic, instead of scaring her half to death by weaving in and out of lanes or cutting other drivers off. Simply put, no road rage allowed.

Clean It Up

Part of taking pride in your ride is keeping it clean on both the inside and out; this principle reigns true for both partners. If he or she hops in your car and there's barely anywhere to sit, the backseat is loaded with junk or the floor is littered with clutter, that may send warning signals to your date. After all, if you can't even clean your car to make a great first impression, who knows what your home looks like. And, in some cases, you may be perceived as scatter brained or like you don't quite have your life together.

Show off the Features

Is your vehicle equipped with all the bells and whistles? If it makes sense and gives you a sense of pride in your ride, put them to use. Just don't be so eager to show off that you crank up the heat when it's blaring hot outside or take a call from an ex using the Bluetooth while your new love interest is in the passenger seat.

Buy Something New

Chances are if you have a beat up station wagon with a surfboard strapped to the top, you might not be giving off the best first impression. Although you may only have this vehicle because you live near Miami Beach and love to go surfing, your ride could be hurting your chances to attract and impress your dates. Instead of taking this risk, trade in your old vehicle at a used dealership like DriveTime for something that both fits your lifestyle and makes a good first impression.

Show Your Heart

Depending on your financial situation, you may not be able to afford a shiny chick magnet. But, this doesn't mean you don't have a chance to impress the ladies. After all, it's your heart that counts. And, if she's more concerned about what you possess than you as a person, that may be a warning sign. Do your best to make a great first impression, and let your personality do the rest.

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