Tip your way to more sex

Posted by James, 04 May 12

What makes you that guy every woman wants to go home with and have some mind blowing sex with?

According to confessions by women on Men’s Health’s article "10 Ways to Get More Sex", something as simple as offering to pay and giving some good tips can makes a woman think "you're just as giving in bed." Who would have thought being generous on a date means you are just as generous in the sack?

Apparently, it doesn’t take much to impress a woman. Simple little things like touching her arm or shoulder when talking to her, wrapping your arms around her waist shows you are genuinely interested in her.

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I never understood how a simple kiss on the back of the neck used to get me laid like almost always. Well, this woman on Men’s Health says "It sends sexy tingles everywhere." Whispering sweet nothings while having sex also sends women into frenzy.

Sometimes, a little hair tugging does the trick. Other times, being gentle while touching her there, works too. Saying her name shows focus. But the best thing you can ever do is waking her up those wee hours of the morning with some good licking down south. And if you really want more sex, call her the next day.

Ladies, help us pleasure you. What’s your poison?

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  1.   shyone70 says:
    Posted: 16 May 12

    This article was not well thought through. Where did you find such women . For either person on that date to believe that hype they would have to be extremely shallow . I believe over the years we become a bit more intelligent when it comes to dating.

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  2.   chris1969 says:
    Posted: 14 May 12

    I think turn up a bit early to show you are attentive and eager, Use her name often to show she is on your mind, Crack some jokes and ask her to tell you some, Make the first date a goofy one like a fun park with friends or water slides with a few bottles of wine and sandwiches for lunch. And as for tipping generously to impress her?,,,not sure we don't use tips in Australia except in special circumstances as salaries are much higher for service people. I would think deliberately over tipping maybe considered poor taste and showing off maybe.

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  3.   reese says:
    Posted: 08 May 12

    I don't know where they get these statistics from I am never poled. But for me tipping doesn't mean he is going to be more generous in bed. It could mean he has more disposable income or worst he perpetrating money he doesn't have. Maybe the service wasn't that great. I think you have to look at if he is attentive to you and your needs outside of the bed first and I don't mean financial. If he is there for you and cares if you are pleased. If you guys are sexually compatible.

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  4.   Ziplok says:
    Posted: 05 May 12

    jeez do they take notes off my already going thing i already do with women ? jeez that is cliche i thought everyone was doing that LOL

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    • ramba says:
      Posted: 06 May 12

      I think women just want a gentlemen to treat them right, doesnt matter how much they tip, or spend on them. If a women jumps in the sack purely based on how much you tip, the cash you flash and a well placed kiss on the back of the neck on a drunken date -- then you probably need to wear protection, and know that you will eventually get hurt....

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      • SugahRush says:
        Posted: 07 May 12

        Ramba: You are incredibly insightful and concise. On point--one WILL get hurt under this scenario. *************** ********************** ***************** James, James, James: When will your articles, postings, compositions be finally devoid of the "mist of mysogyny"? Sometimes I fear that you CHOOSE to post cast women in a poor light. The " Mo' Cash for Mo' Ass" position of this article is plain pathetic. It does nothing to stimulate the creativity of men. It does nothing for women who struggle with the perception that they are mere "receptacles" for the fodder of foolish men (or women) "just looking for a warm place to put it.". The number of profiles which demand "...no gold diggers...no drama mama's...no cheaters, skanks or hood rats...no ho's" leads me to think that MOST MEN are at least THINKING about being a bit more selective than your post implies. Understand. I am well aware that there are plenty of Trickin' Treaters; Gold Diggers; Man Eaters, etc. Men who desire such liaissons are astute in the Art of Ascertaining such Ass-ets. Frankly? Easier than waving dollah's. If a person is that easy, all ya gotta do is ASK. But to imply (as this article does) that women are little more than cheap chicken dinners (all breasts, thighs, legs & broken wings) to be bought by some payday-pimp flashin' a "C-note Covered Roll of Ones" is simply pathetic. Elevate the Art & the Articles.

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