This isn't the time to be swapping spit...

Posted by James, 25 Mar

“Healthy male with a strong immune system and robust Purell supply” is what Stephan, 32, updated his profile intro. This got him a snappy private message, “Tell me your secret — how did you get a robust Purell supply? I had to fight a woman at the grocery store for a can of tuna.”

Just hearing from someone, even from a far must have really felt great.

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Well, we gotta admit that the Coronavirus and having to work from has unleashed a new  of online dating in millenials... An era of creativity. Besides that, people are texting, flirting and swiping now more than ever before. The number of active users rose in the second week of March. Question is: For how long now that dating in real life, in essence, seems to be forbidden?

Much as being within breathing distance to a potential mate is sexier, we gotta admit that it is scarier even for those singles who would have given anything to find love before.

Much as some dating sites are advising people to meet in the open, sit on different tables in order to avoid physical contact, do we really know how to date responsibly?

Even though being 'trapped' under work-from-home policies and being banned from bars is such a pain in butt, there are other ways to have fun and share experiences with others as we take the responsibility to stay safe. Clearly, the safest and more sanitary solutions are sexting, phone sex or video sex. So maybe its best that you stay off swapping spit... indefinitely.  Keep the distance. Even New York Mayor Bill de Blasio advises people to refrain from kissing each other... even if its on the cheek.

The situation isn't that hopeless though. People might be physically isolated but they don't have to be socially. You can get onto group chats with other people or even keep talking to other singles online.

The reality of the matter is that chatrooms are exploding with messages... so why should you be left out? People are talking more through dating sites. Millennials are getting funnier and more creative with their coronavirus pick up lines. So basically we are now adopting virtual dating practices and ideas such as 'Netflix and Chill'.

The thing is if people are now attending weddings virtually and having virtual workouts I think you too can date that stranger virtually... for the time being... Do whatever you can to stay safe and all this will soon blow over!

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