The white man's fetish for Asian women isn't the reason why this interracial combo is the most common?

Posted by Ando, 06 Mar 12

According to studies conducted here and there, most women of all races have a preference for men of their own race. But when it comes to men, they seem not to care much about the woman’s race. Apparently, with men, race doesn’t really affect who they end up dating. (This I have trouble believing).

Anyway, when it comes to Asian women white men dating interracially, we tend to see them leaning more towards White men. And as per these race studies, there is no evidence that proves the stereotype of White men’s preference for East Asian women.

So basically, what this means is: there are more Asian women White men interracial couples (in comparison to other interracial couples) because Asian women do not discriminate against white men and not because of the white man’s pronounced fetish - Plus the other reason is that they discriminate against Black and Hispanic men (not my words).

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Do you believe the Asian women are the ones who play the biggest role in the popularity of this interracial combo?

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  1.   shydude74 says:
    Posted: 27 Apr 12

    im a black guy who is attracted to asian women,i have alot of them as friends and ive lived with them before. i havent been in a relationship with one,but id love to.some of them have complimented me before.i accept white men and asian woman combo as i accept all forms in interracial long as the asian woman is happy,but some do like black and hispanic to the black and hispanic men there is hope some asian women do like us.

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  2.   justmike14 says:
    Posted: 08 Mar 12

    I don't really see the discrimination here in Des Moines. Granted we are a city of 500k so it might be different in a big city. The Asian women here date both BM & WM equally. The only thing you really don't is many with HM.I agree for the most part that most Men don't see color that much when considering a mate, which Ria finds hard to believe. I guess if you were to get in different regions of the country, or maybe even away from the cities you might see it more. But I always consider that to an extent as people that are not that well informed. But that doesn't necessarily excuse ignorance either IMO I don't know where she's coming from with the fetish thing though, I guess I didn't know us (WM's ) had a fetish for Asians. Anymore so then for women in general-LOL peace Mike

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