The secrets men keep - You will be shocked at what you might find when you snoop

Posted by James, 08 Apr

secrets men keepWe men are good at keeping secrets. Or so we think. Until some woman unveils them. Well, sometimes this happens out of curiosity… sometimes accidentally. How it happens isn’t the problem. What you find might be. Before you decide to tear the house down, can you really handle what you might find?

She had been dating him for a year only to discover she was the secret... She found a picture of him and his wife in his wallet.

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When going through his desk drawer, she found a picture of his boyfriend stack naked, blindfolded, with strippers pawing him like he was the last man on earth. Well, the friend’s bachelor party excuse didn’t fly. They broke up.

Some have stumbled upon medicines for STD cures, some girly-girl stuff like pink razor and deodorant that weren’t their’s...

Not every secret is a dirty one though. Some women have actually discovered how sweet and romantic the men in their lives are. One woman could not believe her eyes when she found the lovey dovey notes she used to give her husband back in high school. “He kept them! Oh!”. Another found her husbands wrinkle cream.

When digging through his drawer, what secrets did you uncover?

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