The One Mistake You Should Stop Making Online

Posted by James, 15 Nov

Breaking the ice can be a bit of a bummer sometimes. People feel the need to ask the 'out of the ordinary' questions in order to appear cool. But besides the simple 'What's your favorite dessert' kind of questions, there is one mistake almost everyone is guilty of when it comes to online dating.

According to Myka Meier, the founder of app Beaumont Etiquette, there is one question we should all STOP asking when getting to know a potential mate online. Here it is:

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'What do you do for a living?'

Meier says the question makes one come off as opportunistic. And as per feedback from men and women who have attended her dating course, its no different than coming right out and asking someone: 'So, how much money do you earn'?

See how bad it would sound if you asked that. Its too personal a question for someone you just met online. Plus it kinda feels like all you care about is money before personality.

According to Meier, people should stick to talking about things like your potential mates interests or backround. For instance, ask about where they are from, their hobbies, where they like to hangout on weekends - stuff like that. At this stage evaluating ones personality is more important because its these kind of questions that will determine whether you might click offline or not. Or whether there is even need to consider meeting face to face.

So STOP with the career questions at the initial stage and just ask questions that help you figure out whether you have chemistry; at least online chemistry.

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