Take advantage of this season's online traffic surge!

Posted by James, 30 Dec

holiday bluesThe holidays may seem to take forever, on slow mo', never ending; especially to those who are lonely or alone. And I am sure somebody somewhere is like "Phew! Finally!" Well if you had to be alone this year and have come this far, the worst is over. You don’t have to deal with the jingle-bells-dancing Santa or families shopping for a Christmas trees for at least another year.

Yes, you might have spent Christmas alone for one reason or the other -some reasons unavoidable, some tragic, others romantic. If romantic, you have more than 300 days to try and change that before the next stream of holidays get here.

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See, according to the Daily Mail, there has been a 15-20% traffic surge of online daters looking to find love these holidays. This means more new members. It also means, most dormant profiles have been reactivated.

This could be your chance to meet fresh people with renewed energy of finding love. And get this: This rise in the activity of online dating sites is expected to remain so til the better part of February. So get online, update that profile of yours, pimp it with a new photo – you might even consider letting go of your inhibitions and start initiating contact with those members who catch your eye!

Take advantage of this online dating traffic surge!

Try what you were afraid to do last year. Try making some positive changes in your life and believe in your heart that the worst is over, and nothing will knock or put you down. It’s all about attitude and consciously avoiding a negative mindset. Take that positive energy and put it into your dating profile and let it show in your profile photo and in your correspondence with potential mates. Trust me, it rubs well on people.

To those in love and those who found love these holidays, all the best in your relationships. To those still searching, may all that positive vibe bring you all the happiness and love you deserve.

Happy new year!

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  1.   Rightguy65 says:
    Posted: 27 Jan 12

    Sweetbeauty2 u look queenly and am prince. How do u feel?

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  2.   Bakara says:
    Posted: 19 Jan 12

    How will i get a righteous white man for me?,inorder to find our heart desire,for this New year to be agrateful year.

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  3.   danis says:
    Posted: 10 Jan 12

    some men and women in the world welcoming the new years eve,massive expectations in their beautiful hearts yet is the same world but faith and hope for a better year we hold dearly.may we find our heart desire this year the righteous one ..ma true rib,ma princess..Happy new year yall.

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  4. Posted: 07 Jan 12

    BEAUTIFUL WOMAN LOVE AND WAITING. Pitied, caressed, want to cherish. A beautiful woman is doomed forget what - one and one. But here's the paradox - because there is no ugly, but all are happy eh? Someone tell me the answer? Endowed with its beauty - a beautiful woman weeping. And she, the beautiful, from the beauty when waiting for what - a dream? The dream may come true. Maybe not - And it will be dark, Or turn on the light. Beautiful women, be yourself, shine like stars. Give love!

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  5. Posted: 02 Jan 12

    This was a great article! Very inspiring!

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  6.   Egyptos says:
    Posted: 01 Jan 12

    Ladies, Queen Mothers, Welcome to the new year and may each of you find the Divinity of Love and companionship you so richly deserve and desire! Each of us wants to be known, cherished and appreciated for all the apparent and hidden ways we show and are ouselves. Each one wants to travel beyond the limitations of the norm to a place that will bring us a contemptment filled with the blood of life flowing into our veins and spirits. We were given this world to Love each other and not make war upon our children. Let us, each one of us, start NOW!

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