Strengthen your relationship by creating your own special traditions

Posted by James, 07 Sep

One of the most meaningful and enjoyable ways couples can strengthen their bond with each other is to create their own traditions, customs and holidays. From adding your own twist to anniversaries to writing your mutual goals down and displaying them in your home, the possibilities are numerous and fun.

Create a classic television night

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If you and your sweetie have fond memories of watching a certain genre of television program when you were kids, schedule one night a week to re-watch the shows together. For example, if you both harbor a secret love for 1970s and 1980s police or detective drama, peruse for some DVD titles or see what's available on Roku and sit down to get reacquainted with Kojak, Magnum P.I., MacGuyver or whomever you enjoyed watching. To make your TV date night even sweeter, head to a local bakery or the grocery store beforehand to pick out some ice cream or cheesecake slices to share while watching the show.

Make a relationship vision board

One of the best ways to stay connected and on the same page with your significant other is by creating a “His, Her and Our” relationship vision board. Set aside a Saturday afternoon for your board and purchase a large flat piece of smooth wood from a home improvement store or a piece of colorful oak tag from a craft store. Then discuss your goals both as individuals and as a couple and write them down on the board - one side can be yours, the other your partner's, and the middle can be your shared interests and goals. For example, do you want to buy a home, get a better job or have kids? Consider these goals and reasonable time lines and include them on the relationship vision board. Spend some time decorating it to personalize it. To find photos and images to glue to the board, visit a stock photo website like Shutterstock - they have over five million stock images of flowers that would look lovely on the vision board, and you can also cover it with photos of your goals.

Celebrate your anniversary with a twist

When your anniversary rolls around, you can either celebrate with dinner and a movie, or you can put on your thinking caps and come up with something a bit more creative. For instance, if you loved the food that was served at your wedding but didn't have much time to enjoy it, recreate the wedding menu and eat it picnic style. Another fun idea is to come up with a clever way to honor the 'traditional' anniversary gift list each year and make it your own. For instance, if you are celebrating your fifth wedding anniversary, the traditional gift is wood and the modern gift is silverware. Using those as inspiration, you could spring for a fancy dinner at a restaurant that uses lovely silverware, or you can finally purchase those wooden plantation shutters for your home that you have wanted for years. Other fun ideas for celebrating your anniversary is to treat the person who set you up to lunch, schedule a couples' massage or go to a family pizza parlor and challenge each other to skee ball - the winner has to buy the other ice cream on the way home.

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