Stalker tells interracial couples they will bear "dirty black babies"

Posted by James, 19 Jul 15

The letter threats began with: "Dear uneducated white woman" about a month ago. Then came the recent one that went "You’re dumb for dating a black guy and you are gonna make dirty black babies" a week ago.

This was the second time the interracial couple Curtis Jackson ,Black, and his girlfriend Tasha, White, [pictured above] got such letters from a stalker in Omaha area who has been harassing and threatening interracial couples. These were backed by other fliers with racist and derogatory words

This time around, Curtis Jackson actually saw the suspect trying to place the letters on his car, before he dropped them across the ground. He told KMTV-TV that this batch of letters was more threatening than the ones they found on their car last month.

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As per investigators, they aren't the only interracial couple who have been targeted with such letters and fliers. Apparently the suspect has been leaving derogatory fliers for interracial couples across the Metro. No arrests have been made yet.

Jackson is now worried about his girlfriends safety and they have been forced to move houses by this. "We don’t know when he’s coming, we don’t know where he’s at, we don’t know where he’s coming from,” Jackson said.

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  1.   Sunnybes says:
    Posted: 21 Nov 15

    Some people have racism in their DNA,such comment is very horrendous!!!

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  2. Posted: 07 Oct 15

    How despicable. I'm shocked people can say such things.

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  3. Posted: 03 Oct 15

    This couple will make beautiful children.

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  4.   freedie says:
    Posted: 26 Jul 15

    the stalker is a close minded pig, I see beauty in interracial couples.

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