Should you care about a spouse being openly affectionate if they treat you well?

Posted by James, 6 days ago

Is affection the foundation that can hold a relationship together?

A friend of mine has been complaining about his husband's lack of affection. It's not like they don't have sex. If anything, their sex life is fantastic. However, she wants more... She wants the constant "I love you"s, the holding hands, the gifts... She wants the husband to tell her she is beautiful and sexy...

Now, this dude really loves this woman. He respects her, adores her and would go out of his way to make her happy... But the only thing he has trouble with is using words and gifts to express his feelings to his woman.

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There are men who will do all the lovey-dovey things that their wives want to be done for or be told and still cheat on their women and have no respect for them. They are never truly there and talk down on their spouses. So the gifts and the weekend getaways are a way of them buying their way out.

Is respect more crucial than some fairy tale romance?

What is love really? If this woman sees the love and feels the love, should she have to hear it? Shouldn't my pal just be comfortable with the fact that this dude really cares about her, is always there for her and respects her?

Can love really exist without respect? What would you choose? Gifts and words or respect?

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  1.   KortB says:
    Posted: 2 days ago

    She needs to learn the different ways people who love. He may be he has been expressing his love and she’s too stuck on the materialistic things to recognize it.

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  2.   Gdluckcharm says:
    Posted: 5 days ago

    I would take respect over materialistic things any day. My ex was a cheating man and brought me gifts when he was leaving to go see his mistress. I'm not saying all men do that, but a majority of them do. I believe a respectful man was either raised properly or listened to someone that was. I know there are still good men in this world, I just have to find one.

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