Pressure in multicultural dating

Posted by James, 17 May

Most multicultural relationships experience pressure. Internal pressure within the relationship itself is something a couple can deal with eventually but a lot of the tension comes from family and friends. Then there is the negative input from the society at large… people you don’t even know or care about having an opinion about the relationship… mostly negative... simply because you fell in love with a ‘different kind.’

Am sure we all know a little about American history. We have all heard about the widespread violence between blacks and whites before. With slavery having created a huge divide, its no wonder multicultural relationships made the headlines, sparked tension riots and violence, and even laws were made forbidding them. Thank God those days are gone :roll:

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Pressure is not only on blacks dating whites, even Muslims who have come to America have also had their share of the pressure when they get involved with the white Americans. So does this mean that it’s beyond the comprehension of other cultures when one has a multicultural relationship? We preach self liberation, we preach democracy, we preach globalization. So why is it that when all these things are translated into a romantic relationship, tension and pressure spark? Double standards on our part? Style up!

Wouldn’t it be better to be able to find love in all the right places, irrespective of culture? If I meet a Hispanic woman who turns me on, respects me and I her, then I have nothing to fear. And so should everyone else around me. I think what most ‘haters’ lack is respect for other people’s privacy. Let the pressure come from me and whoever I choose to date - if there should be any pressure at all.

Since we have come a long way – history being my witness,- hopefully, we can evolve more someday to a place where relationships between any two people can be treated without the distraction of culture, skin color, religious background or any other irrelevant factors. Coz trust me, all that is just BULL!!!

Can I get an Amen up in here?

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