Prejudices drop as Britain's mixed race population hits over 1 mill

Posted by James, 23 Dec

mixed race britons
Mixed race Olympic heptathlete Jessica Ennis

If you are mixed race in Britain, then you are among the fastest growing group of people and the largest ethnic group among those 16 years and below. As per the 2011 census data, this group which is born to parents in interracial relationships has a population of over 1 million. Much as this seems high, academics believe the figure to be double since most mixed race individuals still prefer to check the single race boxes.

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Olympic heptathlete Jessica Ennis, 26, of Sheffield is one such individual; having been born to a White British mother from Derbyshire and a Black Jamaican father. Out of the people who took The British Future survey, only 42 per cent could correctly identify Ennis as mixed race. This is great indication of racial integration in Britain. As time goes by, it seems immigrant races are merging so much with the majority group to the extent where ethnic differences have either become irrelevant or people just don't notice them.

It is the prominence of mixed celebrities like Ennis that has partly been attributed to the positive change in attitudes towards interracial relationships and mixed race individuals. When her parents met in the 1980s more than half of the Britons were against interracial relationships. Today, the British Future found that only 15% of the British parents would be uncomfortable with their child dating interracially compared to a whooping 40% two decades ago. If anything, the younger generation (the under 25s) revealed that they would be more worried if their child married into a wealthier family. In this group, only 5% would be concerned with their child being in an interracial relationship.

Does this mean prejudice has died out? Generally, attitudes have significantly improved. But according to an article by Lanre Bakare in The Guardian, much as Britain now seems to be the best place to bring up mixed race kids, we shouldn't pop the champagne just yet because racist attitudes still remain. You think?

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  1.   Happy_Girl says:
    Posted: 02 Jan 13

    I lived in UK. I was called racist names while walking down the street. And I saw black women white male couples every where. So you see they are just as confused about race as we are.

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  2.   Javan094 says:
    Posted: 31 Dec 12

    I was told something different. See, my very first interracial experience was with an English Woman. She taught me that the "Billy Winks" means sleepy & your bum is your butt. But she also told me that race wasn't the only thing that mattered in england but back then maybe around 1986 she came to America Specificly because she wanted to date Blackmen, that to do so in England was almost impossible. So, perhaps from then to now things have changed?

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  3.   Nordicia says:
    Posted: 24 Dec 12

    Great article! Prejudice has certainly died out. People are prejudice with their own ethic groups. I honestly think that outside of the US interracial relationships are much more vastly accepted and also seems like a non-factor to a lager extent. Kudos to my friends across the pond!

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