Prejudice against black men white women relationships

Posted by James, 14 Jul

If you are a Black man and want to see how prejudicial we still are, just be seen walking hand in hand in love with a white woman. It doesn’t matter who you are. Celebrity or not, so long as you are in the black men white women dating category, you wouldn’t want to hear the hate that will come rolling out of the mouths of people. See, prejudice against black men white women dating has openly and publicly been declared by a considerable number of people. When some people see “their own” being romantically involved with someone from a different race, it doesn’t just sit well with them.

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When a white man is dating a black woman, she might experience this kind of hate; but not nearly as much as what a white woman will have to endure just by dating a black man. The black man also gets “the look” of “Did she have to be white”? That is what people get for black men white women dating. Its like: a black man dating white isn’t something that the black community approves of – especially most black women. Its like dating white is something wrong and it doesn’t matter how kind hearted or well mannered the girl is; she will be labeled a white wh***!

This may also seem prejudicial of me to say black women are against black men white women dating but to be honest, the ranting I have seen on the internet when a popular black man dares to date white and how these women express their anger, you cant help but generalize because some of these women speak like they are speaking for the whole sisterhood. I also know of black men who never hear the end of it from their sisters and friends just because their “coffee is cloudy”.

No white woman gets into a relationship with a black man just to spite black women. Not all successful black men date white women because now that they got it all, they date white women because they are better. There are very many black men white women couples who are together because the main motivation was love and a mutual attraction. So I think people should stop worrying so much about the black man and the white woman’s business and work on bettering themselves. I believe there are thousands of Black men who are more than willing to date Black women just as there are those that end up dating white women. Its all about preference. So, enough with the prejudice!

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  1. Posted: 12 Jul 13

    I personally have no problem with it. I just don't like when black men say things that are disrespectful against black women. Or try to compare and say that white women are better or better looking.

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  2.   shydude74 says:
    Posted: 30 Apr 12

    black man/white woman is fine,i accept this as i do all forms of interracial couples. growing up i faced flak from family members for liking white females,but it didnt stop me from liking them.ive dated some white females,plus my first love was white.honestly some black females are just jealous of white females and see them as a threat which is men can date who we want no one owns us.

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