Phenomenon of mixed-race relationships in a Pennsylvania Town

Posted by James, 02 Sep

The small town of Shenandoah, Pa., made headlines last month when a Mexican man was beaten to death by a group of white teenagers. The boys reportedly shouted slurs at the man and his girlfriend, who is white.

Though united by love, most interracial couples must contend with disapproving looks and, sometimes, insults hurled at them. And this is happening to interracial couples, mostly Caucasian women and Mexican men, who live in the town of Shenandoah to the extent of garnering media attention when a group of white teenagers killed a Mexican man who had a white girlfriend. That isn’t the whole story … they have to deal with the uncertainty that they could one day be separated because their partner is not a United States legal.

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One of the couples has been together for six years and has two children together. They too faced the hostile environment coz the dude is Mexican and the lady White. Much as they want to get married, the dude doesn’t want to. "I don't want people to say that she married me so I could get my papers," he says. "I am with her because I love her." Much as she respects his decision, she hopes that he can change his mind coz she doesn’t want him to be deported.

Discrimination in East Pennsylvania isn’t only limited to Latina Men dating white women. Latina women who are dating white men also feel its wrath. Some women have had to live with people telling them their spouses could have done better.

Much as these interracial couples are however bothered by the lack of tolerance in a town that is hardly a mile long and has a church on every two blocks. But here is the best thing about the whole thing: white women who have chosen to be with Mexican men say it is because they are more "…loving, more responsible, and have a clear concept of family and also prefer working two shifts so they can be home caring for their children."

When will these haters ever get it?

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  1.   PetiteChick says:
    Posted: 19 Jun 10

    Unfortunately racism has existed since the beginning of days. More importantly, it would be wise for us to recognize that it will continue to exist until the END of days. It's part of the human condition. What we CAN do is not associate ourselves with those who don't see things in our view as a one society and equal treatment not based on nationality, race, gender or socio-economic status. Let them be. Some people change, some people don't want to. Since we as humans have no capacity to rid a person's heart of bias, prejudicial treatment and the like, I say let them be. Let all the beautiful people come together (Black, Brown, White, Asian, Multi-ethnic, middle easterners and all the flavors in between) enjoy what these others are missing out on.

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  2. Posted: 17 Oct 08

    I'm happy that Sucess thinks the PA story is the "story of yesteryear" in Pierce County WA, but I'm pretty sure there are still pockets of racism happening, just that it isn't reported to the police or written about in the media. I could claim the same thing, living in a middle/upper middle class community in Northern NJ(8 miles or less outside of NYC), whose town has a coalition concerning race relations and how to make it better. Unfortunately, there are still pockets of discrimination and racial slurs thrown towards nonwhites(and very most likely towards whites too). I have to say thank goodness that there has been no violence in town. I've been to the part of PA where Shenandoah is, and unfortunately, I'm not surprised about it. The towns up there have churches everywhere, everyone says they're "Christians", yet if the color isn't "correct", there's a problem. Sucess also asked why would people want to live where they are given grief by "trocklodites"? I have to start by saying it's troglodites. Next, it could be that there were a few Mexican families there, and the newcomers moved to where there were folks who are relatives or from the same town or region. It's also possible that one of the many churches in the town sponsored Mexicans to come and live there. People also have the right to live whereever they want to, and last I checked, every person who comes to this country arrived from somewhere else, no matter how long its been since getting here. It's really sad that the combination of a poor economy and the closeminded thinking that newcomers to the US are stealing "our" jobs, and "our" women by some who live here is enough justification to be nasty and harm others. Maybe Sucess doesn't make crude racial jokes, but it's dangerous to assume that all of Pierce County does the same as he.

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  3.   Sucess says:
    Posted: 03 Sep 08

    This story is the story of yesteryear where I live in the urban Great Northwest, not today. Why would people want to live where they are given grief by the trocklodites. In Pierce County Washington so many extended families have blacks, asian, or hispanic, or like mind all of the above you don't make crude racial jokes. Live Free of Die.

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