No wonder they are still single! Are you in this category?

Posted by James, 22 Jun

Ever received those super creepy messages from fellow online daters that made you go; "No wonder they are single", even though ironically, you too are single and on an online dating site hoping to meet someone and fall deeply in love?

To be honest, more than half of the messages I receive from would-be mates creep me out. And much as such seemingly creepy stuff we bump into online is what makes online dating that much fun, sometimes you tend to wonder whether some of these people have purposely made it their mission to die single or they are in online dating sites just to mess with other serious singles or probably just give us a good laugh.

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Well, whenever you are online and want to take the edge off of you when your search for love gets a bit discouraging; whenever you want to give yourself a good laugh, has a great compilation of such creepy emails and IMs in a blog; from the rib-cracking funny to the down right horrendous.

Imagine getting such an opening line: "You have a striking resemblance to the girl I lost my virginity to. I’m willing to make the same mistake twice, if ya know what im saying" To be honest this one is not only doomed to be single, but has also banished himself to the cage of DIY sex ;-)

Here is a super honest one one: "I am a virgin. It’s a horrible situation. I was hoping I could find someone on here to end this nightmare. I messaged you because you seem like an open minded and attractive person…" Begging for sex? Is that what online dating is being used for these days?

I was laughing at these profiles until I came across one that seemed like a copy-paste of what I may have told a bunch of women: "First of all, I'd like to watch a drop of water roll down from the top of your head... down your luscious cleavage… then down your navel… and get absorbed in your crotch." I am guilty of being this graphical.

I don’t know how or where this site is getting people’s private messages and chats coz I thought we had something called "privacy policy". And much as it’s not right to make fun of other people’s dating mistakes or lack of “hitting on” skills, to an extent, I think this site helps me see where I go wrong. Having read quite a number of them, and having had a good laugh, I am trying to re-evaluate my online dating strategy coz if that is why they are single, I bet that is why I am single too.

I am super guilty of such creepiness!

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  1.   Scandiblond says:
    Posted: 04 Jul 12

    I would say that there is one out there for each and one of us..but, there are plenty of gameplayers who likes to date many at the same time...To my knowledge those are the ones who will stay single. One example..i had this great communication with one guy for many months..until i caught him chatting online with a female..yeah right excuses are many but the one that he gave was that he thought her profile was hilarious and he just needed to talk with her and give advice. In his own words he was acting like an advisor!! I had guys trying to sell me stuff..yes that's right..another one told me if you don't take me now there is no way he will become a secondhand banana..turn off?

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    • Scandiblond says:
      Posted: 05 Jul 12

      Yes, many guys seems to be using a datingsite as a sexsite, sad but true.

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