Most millennials believe online flirting is cheating

Posted by James, 16 Feb

A recent survey on millennials suggests that flirting online is as good as cheating. The study was carried out on 1000 millenials between the ages of 18 and 34 and as per the results, 82% said online flirtations when in a relationship DO count as cheating. 88% of the women in this study group dubbed it as a form of infidelity with 77% of the males agreeing to it too.

So what really constitutes flirtatious online behavior? Well the study didn't go into these details.

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Apparently, 'online cheating' is "harder to catch than other forms of cheating" since the other partner needs to have access to passwords in and snoop on every conversation - I mean every... from personal emails to IMs, to online dating accounts to porn... And with all the mobile gadgets hooked on to the internet these days, imagine the trouble you would have to go through to catch your spouse in action - and I am sure the delete button doesn't make it easier either.

The thing is, as much as online flirting appears to be different on paper because of lack of physical (one-on-one evidence), it can be as equally damaging to any relationship because somehow, the intention to pursue it offline is there. And one tends to wonder whether someone would follow through with an offline affair if the opportunity presented itself.

When caught, most people say its just harmless fun. Is it?

Do you think its fair for people to lump online flirting in the same category as cheating physically? Would your spouse suffer the same degree of consequences if you caught them flirting online as you would if you caught them cheating red-handed? Drop us a line...

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  1.   erberry says:
    Posted: 26 Jul 15

    Cheating is cheating. Online or offline

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