Met online? Hell NO!!!

Posted by James, 07 Feb

They met online. Nothing wrong with that. Well, the first night they went out, in between their flirtatious conversation, they decided to come up with a “viable” story of how they met. Yeah! VIABLE. Reason: Every couple needs a cute “How we met” story. So my guess is, telling people "We met on a dating site" wasn't "cute" enough; it wasn't "viable" enough.

Well, that isn't the main reason she decided convince the guy she 'just met' how they needed to coin the "How we met" story.

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"What would my friends — or, God forbid, my grandmother — have to say when they found out that I ran away to Paris only to meet my boyfriend on an online dating site also frequented by middle-aged foot fetishists whose opening lines are 'Let me lick u gorgeous ;)'? ...Somehow, nothing struck me as odd about using my first real interaction with him to come up with a lie to tell everyone we knew. In any other circumstance, it would have seemed like an indictment of my character and evidence of a serious narcissistic personality flaw.” (I'd think that too ;-) )

The thing is: she believed everyone would judge her if her story was 'We met on a dating site'. She says: "The desire to make sure they never found out somehow outweighed my desire to come across as a cool, effortless person on our first date. The stigma of it all had eaten me whole."

STIGMA! Embarrassed that they met online. Avoiding the 'You couldn't just meet in real life' kind of questions!

"It all implied that there was something slightly defective about us, that we had so exhausted our potential in the real world that we had no choice but to turn to a questionable website to harvest dates that we wouldn’t have gotten otherwise."

So this couple chose Starbucks as their "How we met" story. Funny thing is how she justifies Starbucks saying "....(which was sort of halfway true, because we met in front of one coming out of the metro)".

Now that she puts it that way, it makes me wonder: When it comes to online dating, what becomes the 'How we met story'? The first online flirt/message, the first video chat date or the first face-face meeting? (I am thinking video date is pretty much face-to-face too or should I say the first 'real' meeting? What's not real about online dating?)

Well, they dropped the lie eventually when they became confident in their love and how they met and fell in love. They dropped the lie because they realized online dating is as real as bumping into someone at Starbucks. "Finding love in life is such a beautiful and precious thing, and to dismiss its origins is to get caught up in semantics. The point is that we happened, that we found each other," she says. Oh how I wish she felt that way when they met in 2011. Great words of wisdom though.

Does it bother you that you met your love online? That much? Please do share.

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  1.   dave_74 says:
    Posted: 29 Mar 14

    I met my wonderful wife on this site and we are now happily married 2+ years with beautiful children. I am not ashamed to tell people how we met, heck our success story is here, however I do acknowledge that while internet dating has been around for well over a decade or so, a lot of people (even some of those who do internet dating themselves!) frown upon it as if meeting in church, shopping, while volunteering for the peace corps or walking with peanut butter into someone holding chocolate are some how better ways to meet someone, or at least acceptable

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