Men don't need relationship advice?

Posted by James, 10 Mar

According to James Allen Hanrahan, men don't really lose sleep over finding and losing love ... Their main focus when it comes to relationships is what's 'important' : how to pick up chicks. Once this is sorted, everything else is expected to play itself out.

Superficial right? Well, Hanrahan compiled "three reasons men don't need relationship advice" in his article.

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1. Men automatically know what they want.

Apparently men "know it when they see it" and this makes it easy. And the arguement here is that when a man sees a woman he wants, he knows because he listens to his body. If the woman is a turn on, he immediately gets turned on. So when it comes to choosing a woman, this "listening to the body" thing makes it easy for a man.

Women on the other hand can do this. The difference however is: women can and do use their ears. And this makes the process of choosing a potential mate take a little longer. A woman would want to listen to what a man has to say, ask herself whether he is making sense and whether what he is saying makes her feel good.

2. Men know what makes them happy

Its simple. If what the man is doing currently makes the woman happy, then that's all it takes to make the man happy. When it comes to choosing a long-term partner, a man will pursue the relationship further only if he believes he can consistently make the woman happy. And that decision is based on the NOW. Does this require relationship advice to figure out? Hanrahan thinks not. Men get this info straight from the source: the woman. If she is smiling, she is happy. If she tells the man that she appreciates what he does then she is happy.

3. Men are realistic.

Here is how Hanrahan explains this:

"As men we realize that if we're not incredibly rich or don't look like a male model than we're probably not going to be dating a super model. We want the best deal we can get however we don't agonize over perfection."

A man will accept a woman at face value. He will take you as you are. "...which is why we're confused when you want to talk about the relationship and the improvements we need to make", says Hanharan. By realistic, he means a man will enter into the relationship with NO hope that the woman is going to change. In fact the only hope the man has is the woman DOESN'T.

So why would a man need relationship advice if he doesn't want things to change? Well, in this regard however, maybe we need advice on how to maintain the status quo, right? Do you think men NEED relationship advice?

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