Love without borders

Posted by James, 22 Feb


From different countries, united by love, the widow of former Mozambican President Samora Machel and Nobel Peace Prize laureate the then President seemed destined to fall in love. From different cultural backgrounds… aint that GRAND!!? According to Graça, Mandela “…is just a human being who is simple and gentle… and who is generous and keen to give love and so eager to receive it. This is what unites us᾿

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This is the kind of relationship we should all emulate. To them having come from different countries and cultures didn’t really matter. They may have had their share of problems but they decided to stay together. Graça said she tried to spend as much time as possible with Madiba when the two were not dividing their time between their two countries.

Cultural boundaries is a notion that we create in our minds so that we step into the unknown with caution. Well its all part of being human. Don't you guys think that we can erase these creations of our minds by just taking that first step? Easier said than done... how true that is. But does this mean that all the multicultural or interracial couples we see around us - from celebrities to the normal person - took the wrong step? Well... I beg to differ.

Its never too late to take the first step. Mandela did it and his statement proves most of us wrong. Now he can proudly say... “Late in my life I am blossoming like a flower because of her love and support᾿. – Focus on the "Late"

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  1.   Fala says:
    Posted: 18 Mar 07

    If only we could all find such happiness with a partner.

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