Long distance and online dating not real?

Posted by James, 01 Sep

Being an online dating world, its not surprising that most couples find themselves in long distance relationships. However people still question the validity of these relationships.

Like the other day, some relationship 'guru' while dishing his two cents of advice said long-distance relationships aren't real dating. Its just like online dating... its not real dating. Long-distance relationships only become real when the two individuals meet or meet again.

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So does this mean that when a married couple get separated by work, the validity of their marriage suddenly becomes questionable; like they are on some sort of break?

Here is someone else's opinion on all this:

"What would be the point of getting to know someone you met online that does not live anywhere near you. If its more than a 2 hour drive is it even worth the time getting to know them. I think the people who are really open to finding a mate are looking for someone they can spend quality time with and you cant do that with just online conversation. I am not trying to go broke flying across the states to spend time with someone I met online."

I know people who have made it work. And as much as face-to-face communication is believed to help foster and maintain most romantic relationships because couples get to display their emotions and affection on contact, some long distance relationships tend to last. Some online long-distance relationships have translated to blissful marriages.

If you ask me, I think long-distance relationships could be at an advantage. And according to some research, they tend to last because "they are prone to 'romantic idealizations'... the tendency to describe their relationship in unrealistically positive terms... reminisce about their partner in a more positive way... have the advantage of always 'putting their best foot forward'"

But since long distance relationships create an overly positive impression about the other person, most couples get disappointed when they get back together. Well maybe that is what the relationship 'guru' mentioned above was getting at... I don't know.

What do you guys think about all this?

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  1.   satiside says:
    Posted: 12 Aug 15

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  2.   Septembe09 says:
    Posted: 26 Nov 14

    I have a cousin in Australia who met her husband...well...on the phone. She worked at some hotel in the Caribbean (I don't remember the name), and one day, she was on the phone with this Australian man who was fascinated with her knowledge about Cricket - the sport. They were exchanging ideas and soon enough they began to exchange contact info. Not long after they began to correspond. When she wrote him the first letter - in those days there were no internet - he responded with words that sounded something like: "You're going to be my wife". Sure enough, the two visited each other in each other's country, and get this, my cousin didn’t stay with him when she visited him. Instead she insisted and decided that she should stay with his parents or at least elsewhere. That was enough for his parents to be convinced that she would make the perfect daughter-in law. Soon enough they became Mr. and Mrs. C__ sometime in the 80s. Her wedding photos were fabulous. Her husband has since passed but they had two beautiful daughters together. My cousin still lives in Australia to this day, and, in case you're actually wondering, yes, their relationship was not only long distance and plagued with the pen, writing paper, and Kodak photos, it was also….you guessed it - interracial.

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