Kanye thinks everyone hates his interracial relationship. Are his claims well-founded?

Posted by James, 26 Jun

I am sure most of you have heard and read about Kanye West’s infamous epic rants. And this time, it's about how people hate his interracial relationship with Kim Kardashian. Reason: He is a black man and she is White.

Kanye told the Daily Mail: "You have to be able to take the lashes of people not understanding. Two years of people not understanding an interracial relationship..., you have to take the lash and be able to swim in the backlash." Apparently, he believes it has taken two years and and their appearance on the cover of Vogue fashion magazine for their interracial relationship to garner acceptance.

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Well, its not uncommon for people to lash at a famous black man for dating or marrying a white (or non-black) woman. But in this case, most people think Kanye is pushing this whole "hate" thing. Here is what The Beat had to say:

"At some point someone needs to tell Yeezus to come down off the cross…nobody is crucifying him because his wife is not black. And we’re actually getting irritated with the entire conversation. Especially since we don’t think we’ve ever seen Kim with anything but black men to begin with!"

Sonya Eskridge in an article on the New Pittsburgh Courier also shares a similar view saying: "…we just had to laugh"

Eskridge continues…

"The idea that the majority of people get salty because of a little swirl is worth a giggle in this case. He’s dated ladies of all different colors in the past, and he almost married a black woman before getting with Amber Rose.

Not to mention, people have been seeing Kimmy cuddled up with black men for years! She became famous as the result of her interracial romance with Ray J. There was also her high profile relationship Reggie Bush. The public is so accustomed to seeing Kim... with black men...

If anything, much of the criticism for Kim and Kanye’s love can be directly traced back to the fact that it didn’t take them long to hook up after she filed divorce from Kris. She dumped Kris after just 72 days of marriage and promptly fell into Kanye’s arms, so people were giving them epic amounts of side eye."

What do you think of Kanye’s claims?

Does the mass really abhor his relationship to Kim only because they are not of the same race or is this just another one of his rants?

Help me people: Does he really think that their relationship had to get some 'seal of approval' from a major fashion magazine for people to accept it?

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  1.   Authorgirl says:
    Posted: 17 Jul 14

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA... I have YET to hear one ... EVEN ONE person who cares!! I think the only person who is worried about this is Kanye... seriously dude... no body cares!

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  2.   what_I_am says:
    Posted: 16 Jul 14

    Kanye, most people don't hate on you for marrying a non-black woman. People hate on you for your unfounded arrogance, your God complex, and your constantly trying to get more attention. You two are actually perfect for each other. And not in a good way. Most rational people really don't care who you are partnered with.

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  3.   Javan094 says:
    Posted: 15 Jul 14

    Kaye, "Yes"; Some people believe that, " Bio-Chemistry should trump reason and rationality ". But are these people worth taking seriously ? Really ? You're going to allow "Stupid People", to steal your joy ? Why let these folks in your head ? These are people who don't credit people with having a mind. They believe that man is made of and actions, values and ideas are nothing but a group of chemicals. "That's the equivalent of listening to the Flat Earth Society leader and giving his ideas about the planet serious consideration". When we all can plainly see the earth round. I.E. " You ignore the idiot " !

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  4.   Tireah says:
    Posted: 09 Jul 14

    I don't believe its the racial part, so I don't understand why Kanye would think or assume that because he did date Amber Rose, Kim also dated out of her races as well, and besides that "people been dating outside of their own races for a long while now". He's not the first and will not be the last to date or marry out of any races (he didn't start this) lol but I do believe because he knows her and has been around and heard about Kim's past relationships plus what people say on the internet and in his own surroundings so Kanye is using the "interracial statement to hide what society really thinks of her "Kim K". Her lifestyle before marrying Kanye had a lot of "movement" should I say LOL.....by being married and wasn't sure about the marriage, the sex tape, the songs singer Ray J put out on her and just simply the negative thing people say. My opinion by reading this is I do believe he only said this is to hide the negativity be hide her name and by him assuming that's the reason why people aren't happy for them now that's crazy!!! People aren't happy because of who she is that's why they beat up on their relationship and so Kanye uses the 'Interracial relationship" quote, and he does this because he simply LOVES her and that's the best thing any man can give is LOVE. Thanks for ready guys....BYE!!!

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  5.   dave_74 says:
    Posted: 05 Jul 14

    I don't think many people out there personally hate on him for his IR marriage. I do think however that we as a global society are a bit lame for focusing too much on such vs. say things that really matter. I'm not rich nor famous nor do I give a damn what others think about me, my IR marriage and wonderful family , 3 daughters etc. My advice for Kanye is just live on. Perhaps have another child named "South" , that would be cool. There will always be someone who doesn't accept you for something, but don't let a few fools get to you. I don't.

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  6.   C.Pompador says:
    Posted: 30 Jun 14

    (-_-) ok I do not usually comment on Fyooz, but this article had me annoyed at the fact that Kanye makes a big stink out of nothing just to get sympathy and attention from the masses. Um, newsflash Kanye, but barely anybody is hating on your interracial marriage with Kim. Most people do not care, but do care about your uncouth actions and tirades in the media which in turn makes you look foolish. Maybe a few segment of people care or "concerned" about it. However, why do you care about a few nobodies who you'll never meet in life about your marriage to Kim? I hope you realize that you come off as a huge annoyance to anyone you come into contact with. Maybe this a reason why so many people dislike you so much.(ex: South Park had two episodes that made fun of your attention seeking ways) Anyway, there are many black men and women in Hollywood who are married interracially to non-black people, but they do not make a big fuss about it. They do not care to please nor cater to people who aren't known to them personally. They're too busy enjoying their lives and families like you should be.

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  7.   maggie_2 says:
    Posted: 29 Jun 14

    Everyday....love....it...it's Maggie 2

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