Kamala Harris' multiracial identity, interracial marriage and the hope of a post-racial America

Posted by James, 22 Jan

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Finally, Kamala Harris has officially been sworn in  as the vice president of the United States of America. She has made history as the  first woman to ever hold that office. The first woman of color to hold that office. And for us who have the fantasy of a post-racial America, we can't help but jump for joy over the fact that she is mixed race (the daughter of a Jamaican and Indian immigrant) and the fact that she is in an interracial marriage!

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For interracial couples, her marriage to her white husband, Doug Emhoff, is a monumental symbol. For many, her holding one of the highest offices with her white husband cheering her on all the way paves the way to a world that is more embracing of diversity, both in professional spheres as well as in our personal lives.  Harris and Emhoff represent unity. They are a symbol that two people can love one another despite racial or cultural differences.

Harris as the Vice President opens up the chance to think about and address America's mixed-race experience. Interracial families and couples, mixed race individuals, and people of color, immigrants are to see better representation than ever before. That isn't to say that the white folks wont get the same either. Basically, we are expecting to see equal representation for all.

Seeing interracial couple at one of the highest levels of power normalizes interracial relationships. One thing that is even making it more adorable is the fact that there is a white man, Emhoff, hailing and being by the side of his Black woman!

Emhoff and Harris got married in 2014. They joined other prominent couples in political spheres like Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, Black, who is married to Virginia Thomas, a White conservative activist, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell married to Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao, Taiwanese, former Defense Secretary William Cohen, White married to a Black television journalist, Janet Langhart Cohen among others.

We are so excited to see  Harris and Emhoff live out their interracial marriage on national spheres. So far watching the way the way they show affection and the support that Emhoff has give her, it all looks natural, don't you agree?

We are hopeful that Harris will set new precedence and that things will change for the better and shift the mindset of most in when it comes to race relations. Looking forward to a better America where we can be free to honestly engage and discuss uncomfortable issues on race relations as we forge the way forward in a post-Trump era.

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  1. Posted: 02 Feb 21

    China Joe and Hoe

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    • Starr83 says:
      Posted: 09 Feb 21

      Another one paying a membership to troll. Good money after bad lol.

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  2.   StyxFan77 says:
    Posted: 25 Jan 21

    What sickens me and anyone else with a brain in their heads is that this worship of a woman based on her skin color is EXACTLY the race-“ism” you claim to be so against. If a doctor who is black is not qualified to do your heart surgery and the white doctor IS qualified, you’d literally take the black doctor just to make some stupid political statement of how you’re “not raaaaaacist”. This woman has ZERO qualifications to be in her position. Why don’t you mention her plagiarism of Martin Luther King’s “fweedom” story? He was telling a story about an 8 yr old girl. Kamala wasn’t even a few months old at the time of that civil rights March in 1965. But no. You give your fellow leftists as free pass to lie to your faces. Joe Biden; “I will not end fracking” Joe Biden after being sworn into his stolen presidency; “I’m banning fracking” Stop playing the race card. This woman deserves NO PRAISE. And neither does Biden.

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