Is there a lack of men to 'con' into walking down the aisle?

Posted by James, 24 Aug

Single men! We come in billions. But how many of us are worth marrying?

The thing with us single men is that many of us SEEM we can play the husband part. Big question is: How many of us are eligible enough to be tricked into buying those rings and eventually taking those feared steps down the aisle?

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See much as we appear to be many, only a handful of us pass the "eligible bachelor" criteria. So what kind of man should he be for women to do all in their power just to be by his side?

Well, first off he should be the right age: between 32 and 40 years. Apparently many of us below 30s appear marriageable with our loan-financed rides. But if you look closely, all we do is just hang out with the boys and go through women as fast as we go through our tequila shots. The men in their 20s have and will keep causing so much heartache to women in their 20s.

In our 30s (the apparent right age; the marriageable age), we are finally there in terms of wisdom, maturity, investment… At this age, most of us are comfortable with spending the weekend at home and going out once in a while. At this age we are bachelors; not just man material.

But when we are in our 40s, single, look the bachelor part but have never been married, women fear us. They fail to understand how a man can have all a woman is looking for but never been hitched. So that’s when the assumptions begin: There must be a man in his life or he is a freak of nature who women need to run away from.

But that said, the bad boy always takes the eligible bachelor trophy. Ever wondered why women run after men who are mired in female drama and scandal. These are the real women magnets. Yes he may have broken lots of hearts but many women are just thinking and scheming on how to put him on a leash and tame him.

Much as there is some set criteria based on age and what not, the bad boy seems to be 'that guy'. So why wonder why a guy is 40 and isn’t married? May be he just got dumped by a string of women for the bad boys. The way I see it: there isn’t a lack of men to 'con' into marriage. Most women just want a different kind of “eligible bachelor”. Most women just want to 'con' the bad boy!

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  1.   shaggy17 says:
    Posted: 05 Sep 12

    I must be an exception to this cuz im going on 23 and...... the only thing I've done is kissed one girl n even that I regret lol omg of course I've had the ample opportunity to do alot more, but it was the fact that I'm not that kind of guy that kept me from following through, call me old fashioned I guess.

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