Is the Oscars So White Controversy the Reason Behind this Year's Drop in Viewership?

Posted by James, 28 Feb

The viewership of the Oscars awards has dropped significantly over the last two years. The controversy revolving around the #OscarsSoWhite movement seems to be one of the key reasons this drop in viewership is happening.

This social media movement was an attack against the lack of diversity amongst the Oscar's nominees. The prediction was that viewers will be turned off by this. And going by the drop in viewership, the speculation seems just about right.

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One of the other reasons cited is the political controversies surrounding president Donald Trump's administration. The entertainment industry seems to be largely opposed to Trump.

In just three years, the Oscars has lost about 10 million viewers. Meanwhile, the Golden Globes awards and the Grammy awards seem to be doing pretty well. Their ratings have increased significantly.

The inclusion of Black nominees this year seems not to have borne fruit. Some people don't see it as a real thing; just a reaction to the #OscarsSoWhite movement. The infamous actress Viola Davis believes the Oscars so white reign is far from over. People just didn't buy it. As Davis put it:

"I believe what still is a deficiency is that we have one year a plethora of African American movies and then the next year nothing.”

What do you think?

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