Is sexting a real thing within a marriage?

Posted by Juan, 05 Jan


Most experts say that the best way to keep a marriage alive is through sexting. You are at work, bored out of your mind. Then you remember your wife or husband. You remember a glimpse of their naked body while dressing up for work. Too bad you were pressed for time and had to rush to work.

That memory has refused to escape your mind since. So you pick up your phone and send your loved one a message that will only make her run to the toilet, drop them pants and have a DIY session. Better yet, it’s a message that prompts another and another. And all it does is build up enough sexual tension. And when you meet in the evening, you don’t even make it down the hallway.

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Well, that is the ideal situation. Experts expect people to send each other sexually arousing messages just to keep things alive. But do married people engage in these lovey dovey ‘teenage-like’ things? Would you take time off your busy day just to send your spouse some sexy message about how horny you are… how you can’t wait to rip her pants apart and have your way with her?

The thing is, once most of us get married, we get comfortable. The chase is over. So why put in more right? Well, that’s how it goes for the majority of us. We get so caught up in work, and children and forget about the hot messages you used to send one another.

I know people who still send each other pant dropping messages even after years of marriage. But they aren’t many. If you ask me, it’s quite unrealistic. But one thing I know for sure is: Sexting keeps sex lives alive. A sext and make your juices build up regardless of where you are.

If you used to do it when you were dating, why not continue with the ritual in marriage?

Yes, the dynamics may have changed. Yes, maybe your lives have gotten busier. That doesn’t mean that you can’t take 10 minutes off your time to tell your bae how hot he makes you feel. Or how much you wish he had his tongue licking your vagina till you get into a convulsive orgasm.

They may just be words. But remember, words get embedded in our brains. And once you get the thought process going, you can't stop it. All that’s left is action. And believe me, rip those pants you will.

Stupid as it may sound to most, sexting is something every couple should give a try.

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