How interpersonal relationships in couples have changed

Posted by Ando, 22 May

What are interpersonal relationships? These are bonds that individuals form that make them become closer to one another. These relationships can form between any two individuals in any setting. For instance, these types of relationships can form between colleagues at the workplace, relationships between friends, relationships between family or relatives, and the one that is of interest to us today is the romantic kind of relationship.

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How a close relationship can develop

Normally, close relationships usually form because the individuals in question had an attraction between them that brought them closer to one another. Usually they find that they share some similar interests or goals. For the romantic type of interracial relationship, there are those that begin with friendship, then love and mostly marriage.

There are those that meet as total strangers and spark an immediate attraction and connection which later transforms into a very strong bond. There are those types of relationships where the individuals gradually grow into each other and from a strong emotional connection.

Now with romantic relationships, some form of commitment is necessary for them to succeed. Attraction and trust are also key ingredients to maintain healthy interpersonal relationships between the romantically involved partners. So partners need to have good relationships skills such as great communication, good conflict management and mutual respect if they are to maintain their relationship.

One thing is that not all romantic relationships can stand the test of time. There are those that deteriorate because of troubles such as differences in opinions, misunderstandings or lack of attraction and before long they end in separation or divorce. Plus, a relationship can also come to an end because of death of a partner. Not all relationships are the same though.

How relationships between couples have changed

Romantic relationships in this era of high technological advancements have really changed. Some might argue its for the better. This is the case for couples in long-distance relationships since they can argue that technology has helped them keep in touch better because of being capable to have video chats. This at least helps them maintain a close relationship. On the other hand, some couples can go on and on arguing how technology affects interpersonal relationships negatively. With every one on their phones all the time, some couples find that this has affected them negatively. They no longer communicate with one another.

Below are some of the factors that are changing relationships between couples:

Social Media and Online Dating

Social Media and online dating has helped people from meaningful connections. Some couples will tell you that they never would have met had it not been for social media. So this is one of the positive impact that social media has had on relationships between couples. People are connecting faster and easily.

Now, one way that our relationships have changed sometimes the digital intimacy one might feel might not be true intimacy. The of connecting online can sometimes be misleading. So you might be sitting there thinking that you have formed a real, intense interpersonal relationship only to realize later that that wasn't the case.

The other thing that technology, our smartphones and social media are doing is that most couples end up alienating one another as they maintain online communications with their online friends.

The other way social media is changing our personal relationships is the way we tend to compare ourselves with others who keep posting and updating their profiles.

Now this may be positive in the sense that it might make us become better individuals for our partners. However, such comparisons can also put a strain on a couple's relationship when an individual begins putting pressure on their partner to change and be like another couple. Sometimes we forget that most social media "love" is just a cry for help. More often than not, the person portraying how perfect their relationship doesn't have that great relationship.


Our relationships today revolve around technology. And there is a lot of texting involved. People however forget about the evidence that remains when we text. So if for instance you got drunk and started drunk texting, the following day your partner will have all the evidence in details. So if as a couple you are in a fight, avoid doing it via text. It stays longer because your partner can go back and forth and get the exact insults you might had sent making the process of healing and forgiveness take longer.


Why are interpersonal relationships important? Are interpersonal relationships good? Yes they are. As a couple you need to cultivate and maintain good relationship skills for the relationship to last.

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