I give up on trying to explain it's not a fetish

Posted by Ando, 27 Apr 18

People can really be harsh on interracial couples. And lately, its been about Asian women dating white men. There are so many assumptions that people usually come up with whenever they see an Asian white couple. And truth be told, my white husband has had to deal with it for years.

The one I hate most is people accusing him of having "yellow fever".

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When we were dating, even his friends made such comments. They kept asking what the sexual experience was like. Some thought that he was now cool now that he is dating an Asian woman. One of them once asked him, "You have already had a taste of the Asian a**. Aren't you done with that or now you also got the fever?" The thing is, his friends never believed that he was actually in love with me. It seemed to stop after he proposed. But there are those who still make jokes about "his fetish".

The other thing was those who kept telling him to be cautious because Asian women are gold diggers and sl*ts! One time at a bar, some guy asked him when he was done with me, he passes me to him! WTF! I have never seen him flip like that. We had to leave.

The thing is, people have always doubted our motives for being together. It has reached a point where we have stopped explaining our selves and stopped caring. The thing is if you want to think that every white man dating an Asian woman has a fetish, by all means, be my guest. As a couple, we are tired of explaining that "it's not a fetish".

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  1.   TXWayne says:
    Posted: 07 Jun 18

    I’m sorry you have to endure these ignorant d-bags.

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