How to Teach Children to Accept All Races

Posted by Latoya, 05 Dec

No one is born racist. It is taught, but it can be prevented. We live in a versatile world where everyone is different. However, it is that difference that makes each of us uniquely beautiful. It’s important to teach children early on to accept people based off of their character and not based off of their color. Here are a few easy ways to teach children to accept all races:

Show Positive Images of Different Types of People

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Children are naturally observant and they learn pretty quickly. Sometimes this means learning stereotypes about other races that are false. This is why it’s essential to show them images of all kinds of people doing positive things. Read books and watch television shows with a variety of people interacting positively with each other. This allows them to see people based off of their character, instead of their color.

Let Them See The World

Travel to various places with different cultures, music and races. Allow them to meet people who have points of view than are not like their own. Not only will it be a great vacation to be somewhere outside of the norm, but it also opens their minds to things they may otherwise have never known.

Purchase Toys of Different Races

There’s nothing wrong with a child playing with toys of their own race. In fact, it is encouraging and fun for a child to play with toys that look familiar to them. However, it’s important for them to know that they live in a much bigger world with people who do not look the same. Buying toys of different races gives children an open mind. It allows them to see people with diverse hair textures, skin colors, and body types. In turn, the child will see these differences as being just as beautiful as they are themselves.

Set The Example

More than anything, children learn from their environment. The people who surround them on a daily basis are the ones they will learn from the most. Make sure you are setting the example by not stereotyping other races, and by keeping an open mind. Let them see there is good and bad in all types of people, but everyone deserves to be treated fairly.

The world is full of variety and color. The sooner we teach our children to see this fact about people, the more accepting they will be.

Latoya Jackman is a web content writer who has worked professionally in the writing business since 2014. Latoya has a B.A. in English and is an alumni of Georgia State University. She is currently working on her first novel focused on racial tensions in our society. Latoya Jackman lives in Atlanta, Georgia.

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