How to close the orgasm gap

Posted by Ria, 20 Apr

If there is one thing that is holding women back from enjoying sexual satisfaction, it’s the orgasm gap. Now, this is one elephant in the bedroom that needs to be fought.

CEO and co-founder of sexual wellness app, Emjoy, Andrea Oliver Garcia, helps us know more about the orgasm gap and how both women and their partners need to take the challenge to close it.

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So, what is this orgasm gap?

It is “the discrepancy in how often people of different sexualities and genders orgasm during partnered intimacy.” It also goes by the pleasure gap. This has hit heterosexual women the hardest - 95% of heterosexual men orgasm during sex compared to 65% in the case of heterosexual women.

Luckily a lot of women have gotten into the female pleasure revolution and are shunning the outdated stigma, shame, and taboos that have been surrounding female sexual satisfaction for decades.

Why does the orgasm gap exist?

It’s pretty simple – suppression, misrepresentation as well as the lack of scientific and academic exploration of female sexuality and female-specific sex education. Female masturbation has been shamed and ignored for years.

I think it's high time we collectively closed this pleasure gap especially because sexual fulfillment has been directly linked to great physical and mental wellbeing.

What can we do about closing this pleasure gap?

Closing the gap starts with you. All of us need to take action personally, socially as well collectively. Ladies need to feel empowered and comfortable about exploring their desires and bodies freely and without shame or stereotypes. Women need to be able to speak up about their needs without the fear of being shamed or being judged by their partners and pals.

In order to close this gap, it is important to encourage women to connect with their bodies. Plus, the moment each one of us makes a personal choice to challenge the orgasm gap, before long there will be conversations about it through pop culture, art, film, and even documentaries.

This will open up room for resources about female sexuality and education to be widely accessible worldwide.

In our personal sexual lives, one’s person’s pleasure need not be prioritized over the other’s nor should we let dated stereotypes stop us from pleasuring ourselves when we are solo. The needs and desires of both or more parties in the bedroom need to be appreciated, respected, and acknowledged. Then and only then will we have true pleasure equality.

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  1.   Mamarado says:
    Posted: 15 May

    Hi how are you I’m looking for a man to hookup with

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  2.   Boreau123 says:
    Posted: 09 May

    If you put her first.. learning her hot spots, take your time the future loving will be awesome

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  3.   C4K1981 says:
    Posted: 03 May

    Talk about a lot of words and no solutions...

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  4.   DJA007 says:
    Posted: 21 Apr

    I would certainly enjoy closing the “gap”.

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  5. Posted: 21 Apr

    Obviously women are the experts in this but in my opinion I think it's less about women feeling "guilty" about female masturbation and MORE about in todays society not being shy about telling their lovers what they like and pleasure spots. Today, women are more vocal about things they like and don't and it results in MORE orgasms. Any man who doesn't listen to his woman about what she loves and ways to please her and focuses only on his way is a fool IMHO.

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    • cassie193 says:
      Posted: 27 Apr

      Agree. However, you still have that 'gap' of men and women whom might feel judgement about disclosing their sexual nature (especially if you include religion and personal values against sex).

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      • Kisser55 says:
        Posted: 28 Apr

        I agree with you! I believe that the reason why there’s a gap is because majority of the men don’t take that time to stimulate a woman’s mind body and soul before getting physical! As a man I have learned to stimulate my woman’s mind with a kiss a touch and plenty of fore playing! You have to relax your woman’s mind body and soul. A woman wants to feel the passion and wanted! To many times we make a woman feel used and not loved and desired in the bedroom! You want your woman to get more orgasms! Then stimulate her mind mentally before physically!!

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