How Can You Love Your Partner If You Don't Love Yourself?

Posted by Admin, 10 Dec

A great and loving relationship starts with you. For one to have a healthy romantic relationship, self-love is important and the lack of it can damage the relationship.

“Love others as you love yourself” they say. Basically, this means, if you don’t love yourself, then you won’t be able to love your romantic partner because you will have no clue what love is or how to give it.

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Self-love means appreciating the unique beauty and qualities you possess. And much as people will always be judgmental, every human being controls their own perceptions about themselves. As a person, never get sucked into other people’s perceptions.

Most people with damaged self-esteems rarely pay attention to how they look in terms of grooming or fashion because they don’t see the point in doing so. If such a person is in a relationship, already, the poor grooming or lack thereof becomes a partner-repellent. Another thing, lack of self-confidence can really be a turn off. This is because lack of self esteem makes one feel like the other person is doing them a favor; that they don’t deserve being with someone.

The lack of self-love also comes with mistrust in the other spouse. One always assumes that there must be someone else in the picture. Then comes the snooping, the friction for no reason and eventually, THE END!

So if you don’t love yourself, its about time you re-framed your thoughts. Remind yourself of the little things that are great about yourself. Start by celebrating your achievements. Celebrate every single moment, holiday or anniversary you can. Take time to reflect on yourself and come up with solutions that are suitable for you.

Make time for yourself. Pamper yourself by going to a spa or having a simple makeover. Build that confidence. Loving your partner starts with loving you. The more love you have for yourself, the more love you will radiate. And the more love you radiate, the easier it will be to establish and maintain a healthy emotional connection with your spouse. Hence, a lasting relationship.

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