How this boy defended his girl after bully body-shamed her

Posted by James, 24 Oct

To celebrate their one year anniversary, a couple of high school sweethearts, Madison and Tre Booker, posted lovely messages about one another on social media. Little did they expect the hurtful and hateful criticism that befell them. But even after such hurtful criticism, things turned around. And the online spotlight upon them became one of overwhelming praises.

Madison had shared pictures of her and her beau of their prom night on Twitter with the caption: “Prom with the loml!” (Love of my life). The pictures were amazing, to say the least. You could see the admiration and love that Tre gave her.

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As always, Madison expected wonderful comments about her photo series from their pals of course. But some bully stranger somewhere decided to fat-shame her body saying:

"Wow he loves you even tho you're fat :( mbn"

Madison didn't take this lying down. She retweeted saying:

“Don’t see how people can be so rude to people they don’t even know.”

That simple retweet to this internet troll made Twitter go abuzz with comments of sheer love, praises, and support for these high school sweethearts the whole world over. The photos of their prom night also went viral.

The one message that stood out from all, was the message from the love of her life, Tre.

As expected, twitter hailed him for sticking up for his girl...

Even his mom had a few words to say...

Well, this is what Madison wrote to her fans after their story went viral:

To wrap up this sweet love is a tweet from Tre...

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  1.   Paganinifan says:
    Posted: 06 May 18

    The funny thing about the whole “fat acceptance” liberal whining that became known as “body positivity” is that body positivity is ONLY for FAT WOMEN (not even fat men). Fat men still get made fun of even by the liberals who scream in our faces to accept EVERYONE. And these same liberals who talk about body positivity will tell a skinny woman to “eat a burger”. Hypocrites.

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  2.   Oneatatyme says:
    Posted: 25 Dec 17

    True love see's only that love in each other. Those who say hateful things, do not love themselves. "Until you are perfect. Then you may criticize."

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