Holding your breath waiting on cupid’s arrow? Just breathe…

Posted by James, 13 Feb

You are psyched up for Valentine’s day. Everyone is. A wealth of chocolate treats, heart shaped flowers… Love is in the air. ;)

You send your boyfriend a whole load of goodies delivered by Fedex to his office to spice things up a little. Then the waiting starts… You wait … and wait… Nothing comes your way. You go home hoping against hopes to find “Love Treaties"? awaiting you at home. And when you get there, SURPRISE!!!! Your boyfriend is busy with his friends watching some ball game over a couple of beer bottles. 8O

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Furious about it you ask to have a word with him and lash out at him for not showing you love on this day of romance and love. And the reason he gives you is “This festival does not exist in my country. And for your information Valentines is a commercialized waste of time that is no measure of true love"? :twisted: And the only thing between you and his neck is the love you have for him… The love he refuses to show on this material day. The only punishment you can think of is going on a cross-legged strike – he’s getting none tonight.

Such are the holidays are a true indication of cultural differences that create problems in relationships. When the other partner ignores a holiday that the other religiously celebrates, it leads to feelings being hurt. And you give birth to a bouncing baby – PROBLEMS!!!

Do you think such a case warrants a break up? Do you think Valentines is overrated? How do we bridge the gap? Drop me some lines…

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  1.   MagicSailor says:
    Posted: 06 Aug 07

    Hmmm. The cross legged strike would mean YOU won't get any... :'( Kisses from Owen, the Magic Sailor

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  2.   dorriezze says:
    Posted: 13 Feb 07

    Gracious!!! I would throw a fit. James, valentines is not overrated. As much as we are expected to show our love everyday of the year, this day is different. Going to church once a week doesn't necessarily mean that we forget about God all the other days... we do remember him. But Sundays are special. Valentines is special too. Is the only day we get to go crazy over the love we feel for the other person. Its a celebration of love. As much as the dude doesnt celebrate Valentines where he comes from, I expect him to at least try. Oh did he think his birthday had come early when he received all those goodies? Of course not. He was well aware of all the Valentines fuss but just chose to ignore it. People, that aint right. Well to answer one of your questions, i may not dump him but I would give him a piece of mind. If something is important to the other person, and if you truly love them, then you would try to honor that regardless of cultural differences. And James, I second the cross-legged strike!!!

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