He is Probably Terrible in Bed IF He Says...

Posted by James, 10 Mar

When it comes to pleasing women – and I mean really giving a woman the toe-curing pleasure – most men suck at it… And the sad bit about this is that women have perfected the toe-curling and moaning act that most men don’t know just how badly they suck at sex.

According to Scot Mckay, you can tell a guy who lacks skills in the sack just from the words coming out of his mouth – you don’t even have to kiss him. Makay says: “The crazy part is, they don’t even realize what they are revealing”.

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When he say…

  • “Women don’t like sex.”

    Clearly the women he screws are usually bored out of their minds. This is an ego thing The man just doesn’t want to admit he sucks that much. May be this is how he has been doing things and for as long what he does gets him off, then he assumes it does it for the woman too.

  • “I have never had any complaints.”

    Yes… because most women cant bring themselves to tell it to your face!

  • “I don’t care much for women”

    I don’t need to say more.

  • “I want to seal the deal”

    Such a guy is just using the woman as a means to an end:SEX!!!… period! So its like the sales guy who wants to close a deal – once he gets his sale, that’s it. So once you give it to him, its all about his own satisfaction; not the woman’s.

  • “Everyone knows porn sex is nothing like real sex”

    Much as some of it may not be everyone's cup of tea, most adult content is all about 2 people pleasuring each other. “Sorry to burst anyone’s bubble, but those wild, screaming, dirty talking, long-lasting, multiple orgasms, sex kitten shenanigans really do happen, and it’s often a lot like how it looks on video. But that’s only the case if you make it happen, and only if she’s loving every minute of it.”

  • So, now you know whom to run away from ;-)

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    1.   rogue_male says:
      Posted: 27 Mar 16

      I can't believe the gorgeous women on this site could end up in the sack with such 'losers' ~ but they must have been good at something to get that far haha! I guess maybe the guy had a porsche or was loaded or something! :-) You are better picking a good 'lover' ladies! hehe!

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    2.   KingDom52 says:
      Posted: 19 Mar 16

      .... is probably terrible in bed if she says... I don't want to talk about having sex.

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      • BrujaLady says:
        Posted: 30 Mar 16

        I disagree "KingDamn oops Dom" Maybe I don't want to talk about sex with every "Richard Cranium" whose only goal is to get me in the sack ! "I walk the walk and don't need to talk the talk". Some things get better with age but, only if well treated.

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