First date, First impression: Be Yourself

Posted by James, 16 Jan

First dates can be scary. You might be worried about where to go, what to say and, of course, what to wear. First impressions are important on a date, but the most important thing to remember is to be yourself. When dressing for a date, reflect your personality and style and present your best self. Here are just a few suggestions:

Dress Up

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Dressing up can make you feel a little more confident and special. It can take you out of your normal rut and add the excitement you need.

  • Wear a skirt or dress: Skirts and dresses can help the occasion feel special and fun. They are also more feminine, so they can help you feel beautiful. Look for pieces that fit your body type and are attractive without being too revealing.
  • Accessorize: Pick out bold accessories that go with your outfit. Try something new with chunky, colorful bracelets or a statement necklace. Pair it with a high-end designer handbag to pull the whole outfit together.
  • Play up your shoes: Heels can make you feel confident and sexy. But, if you are uncomfortable in heels, consider wedges or strappy sandals instead.

Go Casual

You may want to dress more comfortably and casually, especially if you are doing anything active or outdoors. Consider these options:

  • Wear jeans: Although these might be a part of your everyday wardrobe, jeans are a great classic, casual look. If you want to look more feminine, go with dark-washed skinny jeans. These will play up your curves and look great. InStyle offers inspiration on how to dress up denim.
  • Minimize: Instead of pairing your look with bold accessories, go for something smaller and more delicate. Wear a cute pair of earrings rather than bracelets, or choose a lighter necklace. Also, think about bringing a smaller purse or even just a wristlet.
  • Downplay your shoes: Instead of wearing heels on this casual date, choose a pair of colorful flats. These will go great with your skinny jeans and add a bit of flair to your casual look.

Be Sporty

If you and your date are active people, then you should choose a style that fits both of your personalities. Especially if you are going on an active date, be sure to dress the part. You still want to look cute and feminine, so here are a few choices:

  • Go with shorts: Shorts in a bright color or pattern allow you to stay comfortable while also looking cute and girly. They will let you move around more easily than jeans and will be cooler if you are outside. Just be sure to choose an appropriate length for your body type and age.
  • Wear your hair up: You don't want your hair to get too sweaty and gross. Wear your hair in a high ponytail or partially back. This will help connect your sporty look and be practical.
  • Choose closed-toe shoes: Especially if you are going to play a sport or be walking a lot, you want to wear closed-toe shoes. Consider tennis shoes in a bright color or something sleeker like Keds.

Overall, you want to be comfortable and confident on your date. Stick with a style that suits your personality so your date can get to know the real you.

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  1.   LWONDERFUL says:
    Posted: 16 Jan 15

    I think many women know how to dress on a first date.. I think is the guys who need a little help lol

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