Dude aint feeling ya if…

Posted by James, 09 Apr

The other day, a friend of mine decided to talk to me about this guy she had met two years ago on a tour. She is into this guy. Good-looking guy in nerdy specs… he looks great in them! So she was to go for a similar tour in the same town and couldn't wait to meet him again... probably pick up where they left off. She asked him if he was also going on this particular tour and he said yes.

So while on tour, my girlfriend kept messaging this guy to and fro. She had even asked the guy if they could hang out for coffee. The dude’s reply: “I will probably be working but we will see”. Did I forget to mention he is a tour guide?

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Probably? As in we haven’t seen each other for years, both of us are single and you pull a “probably”? Well, I think that is what should have been ringing in her brain because if you ask me, it was the number 1 sign of the dude-aint-feeling-ya vibe.

Anyway, during this tour she was so psyched for, the pair hardly hang out. Yes they kept exchanging messages - mostly initiated by her. And dude was as friendly as expected of his gentle self; but totally non-committal. No proposal for a date came with a straight yes… just him talking about having other commitments.

So this day, she manages to have him to herself for the afternoon (Yes! Gal is that aggressive I must admit). So she comes back ranting on and on about how flirty they were the entire (did I mention it was) afternoon. See even after their (obviously imagined) flirtatious afternoon, the dude couldn't even come to see her off, let alone say goodbye before her flight back home citing: "It would be tricky."

Yes.. this is when you know you are in it all by yourself. You don’t need to look for a second opinion from another guy like she did me. Clearly, she had met a guy who is nice and cant just give a woman a straight "NO" but will keep baiting her into a sharks wide-open mouth.

Some women just choose NOT to read the Dude-Aint-Feeling-Ya signs. They keep telling themselves that maybe he truly is busy then push on and push on and push even harder with every let-down. Please don’t latch on words like "you are so hot" that he may have said in passing. Its not a declaration of love.

Here are some Dude-Aint-Feeling-Ya warning signs to help you just LERRITGO!

  • If it takes him more than 8 hours to reply to your messages, DUDE AINT!!! No man is too busy to reply to a message from a chick he is really feeling.
  • If getting even that “AFTEROON” date is purely your effort, then DUDE AINT!!!
  • If his reply to almost all your messages is “LOL”, smiley faces, “HAHAHA”, DUDE AINT!!!
  • And really, if he cant spare a 5 minute goodbye…. Really?

So please, don’t let such a guy drive you into gobbling down packets of chips waiting on him to call after his NO_SHOW goodbye. Save yourself the extra cost of having to go to the gym once that he-really-aint-feeling-me light bulb Dings!!!

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