Don’t let online dating fatigue overcome you.

Posted by James, 14 Nov

Online dating is supposed to be easier right? I mean, where else do you key in what you are looking for and voila… a list of prospective matches appears? Then you email, IM, sometimes even get to go on dates with those within your area. Then you find out that that perfect match isn’t perfect after all. And you are back again keying.

For some people this can be very frustrating and tiring. And most people end up pulling down their profiles after just a few months of being on a dating site because for some reason, they expected the search of love online to be much easier - computerized!

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The thing is: online love is real. Look at our "INSPIRATION" category. Much as some found love at first email or first flirt, many of our success stories have "PATIENCE" as the common word. The thing is, much as there may be chemistry behind the computer, its hard to predict how that chemistry will translate face-to-face.

But don’t let those few dates you have gone for or a few un-replied emails turn into online dating fatigue… Don't let those bad dates make you think the next one is gonna be bad too. Quite a number of our success stories begin with "Just when I was about to pull down my profile…" or "I had pulled down my profile then after a few months I decided to activate it again…"

So don’t let dating feel like a chore. When dating fatigue overcomes you, this negative mindset will make you make bad choices and rush judgments. The "its just another trial-and-error date" mentality will make you miss out on things about this person you are on a date with that you would have picked on had you been positive. Plus: What chemistry can there be if your date is enthusiastic and you are busy looking for everything wrong about him or her?

If fatigue and negativity about online dating has overcome you, may be you should take a short break from logging on to your profile and get that excitement of the search for love refreshed. A well deserved break might remind you why you chose online dating in the first place and make you reevaluate the choices you made earlier and come up with a fresher strategy.

Yes, people get tired of dating sometimes. Been there a number of times. But after a break, they come back refreshed. So don't let fatigue overcome you and let you abandon your search for the one! Our INSPIRATION section is proof that you shouldn’t lose your focus by letting fatigue get the best of you.

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