Does the drop in marriage rate mean online dating is a flop?

Posted by James, 13 Jan 12

online dating failureLooking at the success stories on this site, and the number of people who have met their spouses I do stand by the effectiveness of online dating. But looking marriage statistics since the advent of online dating in 1995, the rates of marriage have been falling dramatically since 2000 in comparison 1990 stats. (Please follow links to view stats)

If after online dating, lesser people are getting married, the picture being painted here is that the institution of marriage was doing just fine … until online dating came along. Are these statistics an indication of a failure in the online dating industry?

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  1. Posted: 17 Jan 12

    I think less people are marrying because a decrease in respect to the institution in it's self. Why marry when you can just live together these days. I still believe in doing God's way, It always works better in my oppinion.

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  2.   bolobikko says:
    Posted: 13 Jan 12

    No! It means that those who do online dating are less trusting due to all the scams at online dating sites who use bots and deception to manipulate the members into becoming paid members!, one of the largest sites is the biggest offender and scammer! Therefore less people are paying.

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