Do you really want a perfect relationship or one that is worth it?

Posted by James, 02 Jun

Will you ever find the love of your life? Will you spend the rest of your life with the love of your life? Chances are... NO!

This is according to an article on Elite Daily, which says: "Half the people in the world don’t end up with the people they want to end up with." So how come we always hear countless wedding bells ringing all year round?

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Maybe that could be the reason why the US Census Bureau reports about 40 percent of first-time marriages ending in divorce. Not to be cynical but If you’re thinking the odds could be better the second time around? DON'T. Apparently consecutive marriages only increase the likelihood of ending in divorce.

Good thing about the statistics is: Its only 40% that end in divorce. That means 60% don't. Question is: Are these 60% happily married? A good number of people stick it out even though they don't love their partners. So how do you stay happily married and not miserable?

The thing about love is that most of us don't appreciate a good thing when we find it... always hoping to find something better down the road... we don't bother to better ourselves or make ourselves appealing enough to attract the right person... we just keep searching for perfect forgetting NO ONE IS PERFECT.

We think we are too good for everyone else. We feel we are special. Well, everyone else does think they are too good and they deserve 'perfect'... they also don't want to settle. In the article, Paul Hudson says:

"Perfect… such a beautiful and ugly word. It was once something that was strived for. Now it’s something we all want to either buy, or to be given. We feel deserving of perfection when, in reality, no one is.

I don’t want perfect. What I want is someone who’s striving toward some form of perfection — not complete perfection — but perfection in some sense of the word. I want someone who wakes up every morning and wants to better herself and the entire world, too.

I want someone who understands that perfection is something you must work for every single day; someone who understands that even working toward perfection every single day will never allow them to attain that perfection.

It’s very important to find a life partner who understands this — who understands that perfection is to be forever strived for and never attained. This is the only type of individual who makes an amazing partner, because this is the only type of individual who will continuously work on your relationship and your life together, and never give up on you.

More importantly, this is the only type of individual who will expect only the best from you while forgiving you when you make mistakes or fail. This individual is striving for the impossible and expects the same from you."

So do you really want that perfect relationship or do you want someone who is worth it... someone who wants to build the kind of perfection that works for the both of you?

Hudson concludes: "... the only type of individual who’s worth spending your life with is the type who’s willing to create perfection with you, knowing that you’ll both beautifully fail. But you’ll fail together, and that’s the only thing that matters in the end."

Maybe this is what differentiates the happily married couples from those couples that end up miserable in marriage. Maybe this is what differentiates them from the people who end up alone ... hoping to find the perfect partner. Maybe this is what differentiates the 60% from the 40%. What do you think?

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